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  1. Jeep charging for map updates. - email

    The real question is, does anyone have a line on a heavily discounted map update? ;) - I mean, it's just data.. and it's not like there is any development cost for FCA (assuming the same update is getting installed in ones getting sold today).
  2. AUX Switches: Cable COLOR CODE Wiring Identification

    So I just used this handy handy chart to wire my CB to Aux the instead of ignition as I intended and now I need to desolder because I was an idiot and trusted something I read on the internet without further testing - please can someone fix this image on the post or Can a mod delete it? *grumble*
  3. Maryland FS: JLUR Takeoff suspension with Teraflex 1.5 spacer kit

    Hi - is this still available, and are the control arms from the same takeoff you got the JLUR springs / shocks from? Thanks!
  4. How much or what level of off-roading does it make sense to go Rubi over Sahara?

    I had this same conversation with myself (Sahara + LSD/SelecTrak or Rubi) My train of thought: I love the sun, and open air (have always had motorcycles), live in an area where it snows for a few months out of the year, and the road clearing isn't the best. I needed a reliable daily driver for...
  5. Torn rear floormat

    @JeepCares - is this something you can comment on?
  6. Torn rear floormat

    lmaooo - actually still wearing sandals in defiance of fall.. :)
  7. Torn rear floormat

    HULK SMASH (seriously though, no.. lol - in fact it was before I even had my coffee, since I spilled some of it in the car.. which was the reason I was even taking the mat out in the first place)
  8. Torn rear floormat

    Need a sanity check here.. I went to pull a rear mat out of my '19 JLUS because some coffee had spilled on it, grabbed the middle part and pulled.. and the mat tore.. I think the end may have been caught under the leg of the seat, or maybe I had a weird angle or something - it happened super...
  9. Rubicon vs Moab

    Had I realized you could get a rubi configured that way I might have gone that direction instead of the Sahara I ended up with. The two of the biggest reasons I didn't want a rubi were that awful dashboard and the stickers (which of course I later figured out you can just peel right off :| ) I...
  10. Premium Soft Top Misalignment / Bent?

    So... From the parts diagram I figured out that the rear part of the hinge comes out with the hinge pin and 2 bolts.. so I went out and pulled it - lo and behold it did have a slight curve to it back toward the hinge. I applied some persuasion with my array of persuading devices, and while...
  11. Premium Soft Top Misalignment / Bent?

    Thanks for the detailed reply! So what you're pointing out here is exactly what I suspect is going on. When I look at #13b (and a for that matter) the bars that come out of the hinge and connect to 11 are both in contact with the stops on the hinge, and the hinges themselves are definitely...
  12. Premium Soft Top Misalignment / Bent?

    Hey All, So I'm a new Wrangler owner, so I'm not entirely sure what I should be going to the dealer with and what not to.. The issue I've got is this, I've got a tan premium soft top, and the rear window on the drivers side is *loose* in the back. It still stays in fine when I have the rear...
  13. Premium Soft Top Misalignment (moved to Tech)

    -- posted in the wrong forum, apologies.. -- Link to new post: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/premium-soft-top-misalignment-bent.32731/#post-750142
  14. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Apologies about replying to an old post, but I wanted to update with some photos of the color scheme I got in case anyone else is curious:
  15. Forward collision warning.

    They quoted me something like $780 installed for the factory JLU windshield - I think the non-Jeep logo one was a bit cheaper (maybe 600?) - this was before they noted it was for the ACC model. I didn't ask, but from what I'm experiencing, I think it's just a supply and demand issue. I had the...
  16. Forward collision warning.

    I have the ACC/FCW, and need a new windshield, Safelite quoted me $980.00 installed. No non-OEM option, and they're backordered so far that they can't tell me when they're in. Also, there is no gorilla glass version for the ACC windshield. YMMV.
  17. Cracked Windshield Club

    So... it's definitely *better* - but the crack has gotten bigger.. Thinking I'm probably going to have to replace it unfortunately. It really was a massive rock though, and a huge star.. (it was around a 6" crack extending from the bottom edge up at the moment of impact). Next thing I need to...
  18. Cracked Windshield Club

    I caught a small boulder off of a semi yesterday, and am going to give this a shot. The center impact is way down toward the bottom of the windshield so it's not like it's in my line of sight at all.. I'm just so irritated - I was thinking "this is the kind of semi that's going to break the...
  19. Please recommend a cargo mat

    Do you have any photos of these mats in there with the tan leather interior? Trying to figure out what color I want to run with..