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  1. Got Mopar 2 inch lift do I need to do alignment?

    Actually, three years ago and I just got the message, so.....
  2. Got Mopar 2 inch lift do I need to do alignment?

    Yes, get an alignment. Also, replace the front spring pads with ones that will straighten the spring. If you didn't add an adjustable track bar, add one.
  3. Y95 recall - does it make a difference?

    Anyone have the Y95 recall done and did it make a difference?
  4. Weird uConnect/Radio issues/fix

    Well, my radio (8.4) after (3) years decided to act up like nothing before. The radio changes channels and apps on it's own, continually. I've found if I touch a channel then quickly hit the app page, it stays. If I hit traffic or off roads it will eventually stay. I disconnected the fuse...
  5. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    I have one installed even though it's mostly on road daly driver, but, I have used it off road. Better to have it if you need it!
  6. Anyone going to Jeep Beach??

    We hope to go from NE Fla
  7. Installing JL trailer hitch and wiring harness

    I used a coat hanger wire, taped the harness and used grease to slide it through....it was a pain but it worked.
  8. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    I've used it a few years now, update it and really no big issues. If you keep it plugged in, the Uconnect won't update, if you use the app.
  9. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    My 2018 JLUS has done that from day one. I have a slight 'humm' at 1500rpm, but no other issues; drives great on the highway.
  10. Installing JL trailer hitch and wiring harness

    It's not that difficult to go through the firewall....donut correctly, but your choice.
  11. Prodigy Performance JL Stage 2 Turbo Kit installed

    If stay with 35s, use 4.56 gears...better for more on road than off.
  12. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    Thanks for that. I haven't tried that in heavy rain but maybe I will to see the difference.
  13. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    Never had that happen....had mine for over a year now.
  14. Got the V41 recall work done

    Excatly.....a 8mm socket and 3 minutes sets it correctly if the dealer install didn't get it right.
  15. Got the V41 recall work done

    I don't think it would damage it as I have driven on it for more than a week, until I corrected it...I believe it works better, as installed correctly.
  16. Got the V41 recall work done

    Try sending out a memo to all the Tech's who replace the steering dampener to Read The Instructions....there is a sticker on the shock tube and the buldge if the sticker is wrong. Mine was installed incorrectly and it took me 3 minutes to correct it. Good grief.