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  1. Illinois 392 XR wheels/Tires

    Where exactly are you located? I’m in Southern IL and definitely interested. Just need to find the right weekend to make the trip?
  2. Any suggestions… Half Door window?

    Are those for the JL or the JK? Either way I sent them a message, see what they say!
  3. Any suggestions… Half Door window?

    Yeah, probably is what it is. Only want to have them for when weather changes to avoid going back to the full doors. Don’t plan to use them all that much, but figure I need it for the few occasions.
  4. Any suggestions… Half Door window?

    So bought a set of half doors from a guy a few months ago and finally got to putting them on this spring. (SHAME ON ME) but ended up that Jeep sent this guy two LH front uppers and no LH rear upper. So outside of chasing this guy down and seeing if he’d make a claim with his dealership to try...
  5. Illinois 5 - General Grabber X3 265/70r18

    Have a set of 5 General Grabber X3s - 265/70r18. Only 3000 miles on them before they were swapped out. $1200
  6. Help! 35’s on Sahara

    Did you have to do anything on your tailgate? Spare relocation bracket? Or reinforcement kit?
  7. Illinois JLU OEM Hood - Black

    Swapped hoods on my JLU So I have my factor black hood for sale. 9,000 miles on the vehicle when removed, no defects. Will post a picture as soon as I can. $500 obo
  8. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    OP - do you have pictures of the pushpins you used to get the hood light to shut off? Or even better the part number of what you used? Completed this hood swap today and trying to find out the best solution.
  9. 392 suspension on JLUS?

    So I’ve seen the post related to 392 suspension parts on a Rubicon, but curious if there is anything specific to be aware of putting a 392 suspension on a Sahara?
  10. Illinois XR wheels - IL/KY/TNIN/MO

    Interested in a set of XR wheels. I’m in Southern IL, willing to travel to Southern In or MO, parts of TN or KY Send me a message if you have a set you are looking to sell.
  11. Missouri Rubicon Lift Suspension Take-Off (Mopar Wood Crate Included)

    Where are you located in Missouri? What all factory options do you have?
  12. Half Doors - Key FOB and Proximity Locks compability?

    Appreciate the feedback. Id agree, not sure it is a major issue. If someone wants in, the half windows won’t do much to stop them. Just would like it to all function properly.
  13. Half Doors - Key FOB and Proximity Locks compability?

    I bought a set of OEM half doors from another individual and know that they will need to be rekeyed. But does anyone know if there is anything to do for the proximity lock and FOB to work with the half doors?
  14. Gladiator Hood Swap?

    Here is a link for a write-up on a 2dr. You can buy a Mojave hood kit from someone like AllMoparParts. My kit just arrived last week, waiting to be painted. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/mojave-hood-swap-for-jl.78400/page-3#post-1706680
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Sprayed the front grille and badges with Duplicolor Gunmetal. Love the change!
  16. South Carolina Dirtydog 4X4 Cargo Liner

    Let me know if it is still available. Would be interested to have it shipped to IL.