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  1. Show your DIY sleeping platforms!

    The Jeepsleep looks good but for that price, it would've been nice if they made it thicker near the feet to compensate for the incline. I'm currently using a standard inflatable camping mattress. It's like 1/3 the price and at least it rolls up very small so I can use it for backpacking as well.
  2. Speedometer off on 2018 JLUR

    That's not unusual. Mine's been off since day one. Dealer just told me to use the digital speedometer and take the analog with a grain of salt.
  3. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Same here. It's too bad the border is closed or I'd happily have it shipped there to pick it up.
  4. Mopar vs Rhino Rack

    I have the Vortex SG59. It's a very nice looking rack but if I had to do it over again, I would've gotten the Mopar. The main reason being that the Vortex will not work with a Thule Hullavator.
  5. 3065 miles

    I sneezed, looked back up and there was a crack which went across my windshield. Of course I'm just kidding. It took a few sneezes before that happened.
  6. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Yeah, Rhino says it's ok and although I've had no issues with the freedom panels, I'm going to play it safe and move them backwards. I'm guessing an inverted canoe would have a lot more surface area to push upwards on the freedom panels, versus say, a narrow sea kayak.
  7. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Awesome V10! Personally, I've got a Stellar on order for the summer but the Epics are truly amazing! I recently moved my Yakima roof rack towers backwards so that the front tower is just behind the freedom panel. I really wanted to keep my towers in the middle of the roof so that my...
  8. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    It's been good! However, I'll probably be selling my Rhino Vortex rack. It does a good job and looks great but I need a horizontal bar with an overhang since I want to install a Hullavator which is a side loader.
  9. Thule, Rhino Rack, or... Yakima? (gutter mounted crossbars)

    Ian, I am using the Yakima KeelOver. It pretty much does the same thing as the RLH2 while costing over twice as much. However, it's very easy to mount, remove and slide around since it uses a clamping system which works with any aero bar. I carry a different mix of canoes and kayaks so I was...
  10. First oil change 135c$,

    Just do what I do. Buy the Pennzoil Platinum when it's on sale at Canadian Tire (should be around $30) and take it to the dealer when you do your oil change.
  11. Heated steering wheel too hot

    The easy solution is to drive while wearing a pair of oven mitts. But seriously, the heated steering wheel is one feature I can't live without. If only the shift knob were heated too. ;)
  12. Thule, Rhino Rack, or... Yakima? (gutter mounted crossbars)

    I'm currently using a Rhino Vortex SG. It's a great rack which is very sleek and priced competitively. The mounts clamp down onto the rain gutters and although they don't have any provisions for a lock, they at least use a security torx bit. I've used it to carry a canoe throughout last summer...
  13. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    I'm afraid I have no experience with Dee Zee but the front rack looks intriguing indeed. But I find it interesting how they can rate it to 200lb's of dynamic load when the entire rack is mounted to the freedom panel. The little feet may help with static load but they wouldn't affect the dynamic...
  14. Can't regulate heater temperature

    I'm pretty sure there were a few threads in the Issues, Repairs section of the forum. Something involving a re-programming.
  15. Wrangler/Bronco competitor, rem top, doors, etc

    It was only a matter of time before we saw a Wang-ler coming out of China.
  16. 3.6l Engine Skipping?

    Engine skipping? As in a misfire? Are you driving a 6spd? If so, what happens if you gear down and maintain the same speed as before?
  17. Let's See Some JLU Gutter Mounted Crossbars

    I don't dispute that but I was just following the instructions provided by Rhino rack. Moving the bars rearwards would be fine for something short like a tent or a recreational kayak. But I'm guessing that it wouldn't be feasible for an 18' 75lb sea kayak. Hmm... maybe it's an excuse for me to...
  18. Let's See Some JLU Gutter Mounted Crossbars

    It probably isn't the best in terms of strength but I wanted to keep my canoes and kayaks relatively balanced over the bars. Only negative thing I can think of is the fixed width of the bars. The bars won't allow you to mount two canoes side by side and although you can mount two kayaks using a...
  19. Let's See Some JLU Gutter Mounted Crossbars

    Love my Rhino Rack!
  20. Rear heater

    The air will take the path of least resistance... which means it will always prefer to exit the front vents vs the rear. The only way to get any air to exit from the rear is to restrict the front vents by partially closing the flap. No, you shouldn't have to do this but then again, when I use...