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  1. Spied! V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi Production Version Begins Testing!

    I would love to see this option. I would trade my 2018 C300 Mercedes Benz in for a Jeep V8 JL Version any day.
  2. Whats going on with the diesel?

    I couldn't agree more! I was originally getting a jeep last year and heard rumor of the new JL and the dealers would say its not a new model coming out its going to look the same and so forth. I'm glad I been holding off to see a JL model and yes they made a JK model 2018 but I been waiting on...
  3. Whats going on with the diesel?

    I'm looking to get a diesel model and called the dealer. They stated it would be the 2019 model (or rumor of it) so maybe even if orders open he said it would be 6-10 weeks when it do and was told the orders wouldn't be open until around October
  4. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    Nice ! im thinking of raptor lining the exterior and door seals of my jl when i get it. waiting on word on the diesel model but may not be able to hold up seeing all these.
  5. Diesel and Big Tires

    I agree with you both. Been holding off ordering my jl rubicon for seeing the diesel option and hoping its worth the wait. but whst you both are saying is my ideal jeep better mpg and im looking to put 40s or 42 and still will using for long travelings and will be my dd (which i don’t need to...
  6. Add a Wrangler to your Xbox Avatar!

    wish there was a pc option. now I only game on pc since i play arma 3
  7. Who's got the most miles so far?

    I want to say thank you for everyone posting miles and issues. I’m looking to put in my order soon just choosing engine type still but overall this is amazing to see none or only minor issues that are fixed quickly. Anyone has a 2.0 L Turbo yet? Curious miles and any issues as well
  8. Wrangler JL (boat) towing experience report

    I agree with the idea that Macintux is going for and well put !! BUT.....The idea of someone not caring of a set maximum tow rating and "possibly" being an endangerment towrds others, I agree. Now lets put this in a real life situation which you are going for. I live in Tampa, Florida and I...
  9. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    yeah has a manual button to disengage the auto start/stop.
  10. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    Thanks for clarifying for me ! and that doesn't sound bad maybe I just won't buckle my seatbelt and don't have to worry about the auto start/stop feature then lol ^_^
  11. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    My Auto Start/Stop Experience on 2018 Ford SUV I was curious about this auto start/stop as well since I'm purchasing my Jeep Rubicon JL soon. I had a rental which was a 2018 Ford SUV with auto start/stop technology for 3 days. It actually showed me a lot of insight of it which should be similar...
  12. Looking to buy JL Rubicon Wheels

    Check this thread out as well regarding Jeep JL parts for sale or exchange: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/takeoff-parts.2618/page-3#post-42724
  13. JL Lease info.

    im curious of the leasing numbers anyone is getting for jlu rubicon ? i read through seeing sahara and sport models but not rubicon unless i overread it. i plan to put money down on rubicon but also i plan to buy out the lease afterwards. any advice on that as well ?
  14. Soft top full removal, or cover when open?

    I have seen this video too and I say they did very well document the small stuff. I never owned a jeep wrangler yet but looking to order the jeep jl rubicon so pretty much helped with how easy the new one is compared to what i saw on the jk model and how easy it is to completely remove the soft...
  15. Leasing a new wrangler JL unlimited

    I am curious why you decline for finance? You know you can buy out the lease at the end and still pay almost the same amount leasing than financing it. Only when you choose to lease and go to another lease after and keep going do you lose money when using down payments or least what i read and...
  16. Rubicon Red Dashboard options

    I agree thats what i'm hoping. I will be in Florida and don't want the leather seats but i do want the tan seats
  17. Did Jeep Mistakingly Over Price The Wrangler?

    This forum I been waiting for.....I don't think Jeep is mistakenly over priced heres why to me (especially the Rubicon). *Prices are based off direct base prices as of today with no customization on jeep.com for manual transmission and all the current listed models at the moment. 2018 Jeep...
  18. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    *Note I am referring cost in this to based off pricing for a JLU Rubicon base or few added options I say I'm not against your idea for wanting something different, hell I was on the same boat and still haven't ordered my JLU Rubicon yet because I plan to lease to own it which goes from a...
  19. 2.0L Turbo Dealer Allocations/Orders May Be Coming Soon!

    I thought of the same setup but I noticed least from the builder looked like the seats and top tan color are slighly different colors