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  1. Electrical high pitched sound from instrument cluster

    Try changing your a/c settings. I hear something similar when the a/c fan is on a lower setting. I turn off the a/c and it stops.
  2. Anybody stuff a bigger battery in the factory location on a 3.0L yet?

    Talk about a case of CRS (can't remember shit)! I did read that post a while back and forgot. And sorry for necroposting a year old thread too. Thanks for the tip to disregard the "notes".
  3. Anybody stuff a bigger battery in the factory location on a 3.0L yet?

    Well it's finally time to replace my main battery. I did the fuse trick a couple months ago when the aux battery died but still getting the "aux switches unavailable" message at startup. Wife couldn't start it this morning but I think the battery in her fob is dead because mine worked fine...
  4. Aftermarket Inner Liners - Exposed Fender Underneath?

    I installed AAL inner fenders after my stock ones melted away from rubbing the tires. I did exactly what you are thinking and simply cut away the lower portion where the new inner fenders mount and left the upper parts under the fender.
  5. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    What crossbars are you using?
  6. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Dog loves doors off1
  7. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    35s were fine with the 2.5" lift and JL AEV wheels. Every now and then, they would barely touch the lower control arms. I didn't even notice until I installed the 37s and saw the very light witness marks on the arms. With the 37s, I had to install 1.25" spacers to eliminate the rubbing. 1.25"...
  8. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Just saw your question. Unloaded, it is a bit stiffer and body roll is less. I think it's going to depend how much weight you run naturally unloaded. For example, my Jeep is on the porky side even unloaded. It's a diesel, I have metal bumpers, SOT top, 37" spare and the Teraflex hinge and mount...
  9. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    I'm not Clayton but that is my red Jeep in the post a couple above yours. Not only was I loaded down in that pic, I also towed my utility trailer with two dirt bikes and other crap on it. I'd say my tongue weight was around 250lbs or so. The HD springs were great! Inside my Jeep, I had a fully...
  10. Coms Quest(ions)

    Almost 3 years to get a reply. Not bad.
  11. AEV Borahs with yellow center cap

    Been that way on mine for a couple years now! There are pics somwhere. I'll see if I can post another. IMO, it really pops when you have a couple other yellow accents to go with it. dirty pic but you get the idea!
  12. Ugh 🤦Dreaded Safety Recall notice arrived HPFP

    A class action suit was just certified for GMs that use the same pump. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2023/05/gm-duramax-diesel-cp4-fuel-pump-lawsuit-certified-in-seven-states/
  13. No tire poke lift and wheel setup

    I ran AEV Borahs with 35' and 2.5" lift with no poke. I have a Rubicon though with the wider axles. With your narrower Sarah axles, you might be rubbing your lower control arms with 35s. I'm now on 37s and needed wheel spacers to fix the rubbing that came with the larger tires.
  14. Best ever license plate?

    The wife’s. The meaning.
  15. How Do You Mount Your Propane Tank?

    Nah, Teraflex Alpha HD carrier gettin it done.
  16. How Do You Mount Your Propane Tank?

    We have great taste!!!
  17. How Do You Mount Your Propane Tank?

    Same here! Works great!
  18. Major Jeep lean even after Clayton leveling springs...

    Clayton does not make their own springs. They do the same as everyone else and contract it out. Best bet is to pull the springs and compare/measure them. Sorry to hear you're having issues with them. Clayton is a solid company.
  19. Radiator

    Pretty much this. Stay out of boost! The turbos on these are also water cooled. When you build boost, you create a lot of heat that gets dumped right into the coolant which is why you see rapid coolant temp spikes. Keep your boost low and EGTs down. I've reached out to Banks as well about this...
  20. Is the Ecodiesel the best Wrangler motor ever?

    I don't know about best but I do know I love mine. I'm a diesel lover though so there's that. I had a 2005 6.0. I know all too well about those problems. Ended up lemon lawing mine at 18k miles. It went through 2 turbos, 8 injectors, 3 EGR valves, a couple of exhaust back pressure sensors and...