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  1. Georgia 2021 JLU Rubicon w/ SKY One-Touch, 2” Mopar Lift + 37”s

    Asking $48,000 2021 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon VIN: 1C4HJXFG3MW623953 33,000 Miles V6, 3.6L, Auto-8spd SKY One-Touch Power Top 2" Mopar Lift + Fox Performance Shocks (installed at Palmer Dodge Jeep with receipt) Steer Smarts Yeti XD Shaft Brace (installed at Fortec) 37x12.50R17 Maxxis Razr AT Tires...
  2. FS: RC Tire Carrier Relocation Plate

    Purchased for 35 tire but swapped to 37 within 2 months so this is basically brand new This is the relocation plate that raises spare by 2.25” and fits 18-22 JL Asking $50 (retail is $80) Local pickup only…located in Alpharetta GA...
  3. FS: JLUR coils/shocks take-offs

    Coils and shocks taken off 4 door JL 2020 Rubicon with 20k miles Asking $150 Pick-up only…Located in Alpharetta GA
  4. FS: Teraflex ST1 1.5 Level Kit

    Was installed and then decided to have full suspension installed. Less than 2k miles. Teraflex ST1 1.5” Level Kit - 2” front - 1.5” rear Also including 2” front and rear bump pads Asking $150 Retail is $300 + bump pads Local pickup only…Alpharetta GA...
  5. E (10 ply) vs D (8 ply) for DD?

    Looking at 37s for my JLUR daily driver, no wheeling. Curious on if I should go with the D (8 ply) or E (10 ply) for set of Maxxis Razr ATs
  6. 2dr Coils on 4dr JLUR?

    If I want exactly 2.5” and no more would putting 2dr coils on 4dr (JLUR) be the right answer? Any long term negative effects? No wheeling and only OEM steel bumpers + 37 spare.
  7. Best/Preferred 2.5” Spacer Lift for JLUR?

    Settled on 2.5” spacer lift + Fox 2.0 shocks + Teraflex Adjustable LCAs for JLUR. Pair this with 37s. Main goal is height as this will be a good ole pavement princess so not concerned with flex and Rubicon coils are perfect acceptable for me 👍🏻 Question: is there a best or preferred 2.5” spacer...
  8. Spacer Kit vs Suspension Kit for JLUR?

    Debating on the following two paths to run 37s on a JLUR. Keep in mind this will be 99.9% on road and the most off road will be dirt road or trails for camping, absolutely no rock crawling. Dynatrac EnduroSport 2” Suspension Lift Teraflex Adjustable LCAs or Teraflex 2.5” Spacer Lift Fox 2.0...
  9. True 2-2.5” Suspension Lift for JLUR

    Looking to add a 2-2.5” suspension lift to JLUR to run 37s. Garage clearance is a concern being my garage is on the shorter side at 79-80”. I have oem steel bumpers (no winch) and sky one touch roof Looking for suggestions on what suspension lift will be a “true” 2-2.5”. Not looking for a...
  10. Height Difference? Dynatrac EnduroSport 2” vs Teraflex 2” Spacer

    I have the Teraflex ST1 level kit on my JLUR. This is 2” front/1.5” rear. I’m running 35s now and have a goal of running 37s and adding Fox 2.0 for additional travel. I’ve read great thing on the Dynatrac EnduroSport 2” lift with the best part being superior on-road ride quality which is my...
  11. Anyone have JLUR with Teraflex 2.5 Springs installed with 37s and can provide their actual height of Jeep?

    Thanks to @AcesandEights my question has been revised…. Anyone have JLUR with Teraflex 2.5 Springs installed with 37s and can provide their actual height of Jeep?
  12. Suspension/Lift options for JLUR on 37s to fit in garage

    So I thought I had it decided but now I’m concerned about the ability to get into garage 😂 Garage is 6.7-6.8’ I have JLUR with Sky-One Touch, no roof rack. My goal is get JLUR lifted to wear I can comfortably run 37s (Maxxis Razr ATs). I was decided on Teraflex 2.5 Suspension, Fox 2.0, and MC...
  13. Height on JLR w/ 2.5” + 37s?

    Looking for total height measurements for following: JL Rubicon 4-dr Teraflex 2.5” suspension lift 37” tires Trying to decide on if this will allow my JLR to pull into garage thanks in advance!
  14. Input Requested: Metacloak 2.5 Dual Rate vs Teraflex 2.5

    Would like input on the following suspension lift options. Will be going on JLUR 4dr with 37s. This will be a daily driver so around town/Hwy drivability is key whereas wheeling will be limited to occasional off-road travel for camping. Metacloak 2.5 Dual Rate suspension kit w/ RockSport long...
  15. Input: Suspension Lift on JLUR for 37s

    I have ‘21 JLUR with the Teraflex ST1 level kit and running 35s. I now want to jump to 37s and add suspension. Fortec in Roswell GA recommended the following. Thoughts??? Keep in mind this is really pure aesthetics only as this will be my daily driver and will be on road with the rare off-road...
  16. FS: Maxxis Razr AT - 35/12.5r17 - Less than 500 miles - Price Lowered!

    Selling basically brand new set of 5 Maxxis Razr AT tires. Only selling bc I made decision to upsize to 37s. Tires have less than 500 miles on them and retail for $395/tire…I’m selling for $275/tire Size is 35/12.5r17 TIRES ONLY, NOT WHEELS/TPMS Located in Alpharetta GA
  17. 37s on JULR

    Would like to know ideal way to get 37s on JLUR while maintaining comfortable driving conditions. This is strictly for aesthetics as this is my daily driver. Only wheeling will be gravel or dirt roads for mtn biking and camping Suspension kit? Spacer kit + Fox 2.0? Budget friendly 😉
  18. Lift Specs on XR?

    What are the lift specs on the XR?
  19. Fox 2.0 for ST1 Level Kit

    I’ve installed the Teraflex ST1 level kit which is 2” front/1.5” in rear. For adding Fox 2.0 shocks, should I go with the 2-3” lift height version? https://www.quadratec.com/p/fox-racing-shox/front-20-performance-series-ifp-shock-jeep-wrangler-jl
  20. Wheel Spacers or No

    Currently running 35s with Method 703 wheels in 0mm offset. Debating on if I should add spacer or not? Is it possible to find a 0.5” spacer? Anything needed to add to existing wheel?