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  1. Summer Sizzle Deals!

    I'm in the market for new tires, looking specifically at the Toyo R/T Trail in 285/70/17. How do I get the best deal from you guys?
  2. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    How about this for a curveball? I noticed today doing some more research that Mickey Thompson has an AT in 285/70 but it’s an SL variant instead of load range C. I thought through the implications of going up in load range rating but I never stopped to even consider going down.
  3. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    I definitely want to avoid that for now at least. I still have years and mileage on my powertrain warranty. Once I’m past that point, all bets are off.
  4. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    Interesting, I’ll look into this one. Thanks. edit: Never saw the Toyos in this size since TireRack doesn’t list them. I saw the BFGs but they are significantly more expensive so I just assumed everything in that size was $$$. Are you personally running these?
  5. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    No real concern about road noise. I’ve been told my current tires are pretty loud but I don’t seem to notice it or I can’t hear as well as others can. Probably a bit of both. The poll is overwhelmingly in favor of the 285s so I may just pull the trigger on those. Maybe I’m just way...
  6. Seasonally swapping hard/soft tops?

    I do this every year and it doesn’t take anywhere near 4 hours. It MIGHT take me 45 minutes to go from hard top to soft top fully installed. I’d say allow yourself 2 hours from start to finish since it’s your first time. You’ll also have things to assemble the first time that can just stay...
  7. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    I remember seeing your Jeep a while back and I honestly have to credit you for the idea of even looking at that specific size. Love your Jeep!
  8. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    Are you still on 3.45 gears?
  9. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    I'll need to replace my tires relatively soon and while I've actually really liked the M/T2 Firestones that were OEM, I'm wanting to switch to an AT tire for better wet weather traction and a quieter ride. I looked heavily at the BFGs, Toyos, and Falkens and I'm 99.99% sure I'm going to go with...
  10. Still confused on FRS vs GMRS

    You can do everything online. It's very easy.
  11. What color should I paint my 2010 raptor?

    Hydro would be my choice of the three you mentioned. However, if it were mine, I’d do Grabber Blue.
  12. It's so much more beautiful in person

    Beautiful Jeep! We were so close to ordering our Willys in Sarge before we went with Sting Gray. Two years into ownership and I’m just as in love as the first day.
  13. Dee Zee rack noise/vibration

    I was rearranging my rack configuration one day so I left the air dam off and ran to get my youngest son from school. Holy cow… it was insanely noisy and made a ton of buffeting around the freedom panel area.
  14. Dee Zee rack noise/vibration

    I’ve not used any loctite on my rack at all. I understand why folks might want to use it but it hasn’t been necessary for me.
  15. Dee Zee rack noise/vibration

    I have been running the Dee Zee rack for over 2 years now and I guarantee that the lack of that air dam is 100% your problem. You'll forget it's up there once you get that installed.
  16. Old habits die hard... reached for the key to shut Jeep off

    Conversely, I drove my boss’ truck today to go pick up something and it didn’t have a push button start so I kept fumbling around looking for it. Finally realized I had to actually use the key.
  17. Let’s discuss the great new 2024 Willys

    I've posted this numerous times before in other threads but, for comparison, my 2021 JLU Willys costs exactly $6,000 less than an identically equipped 2023. So, I'm gonna ballpark it and say that the 4-door version of the Willys is probably going to be around $45K to start and easily could push...
  18. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    I have a torque wrench that I use on the bolts so that I have a common reference for how tight everything is. I typically set it at about 30 in/lbs and have never had anything come loose. Any time I noticed the bolts digging into the rack I just added a washer, used a different bolt length, or...
  19. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    I’ve had mine on for a solid 2+ years at this point and I’ve never used a drop of loctite. I suppose if mine needed it, I would do it, but mine has been rock solid.