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  1. The Saddest day of the year is almost here again. 😥

    103* today in H-Town. Thinking the hardtop will stay for a bit longer. Like a long bit longer.
  2. Rancho Track Bar Support Bracket for the JL or JT

    What thickness is the steel?
  3. Wrenches for Clayton jam nuts?

    Icon products at HF are excellent. I did not, however, see the sizes you need.
  4. Rotopax Ez Rack

    I have a 2022 392Xr with the reinforced tailgate and 35" tires. Will this work with no other changes? Perhaps I am a little dumb but I read their website and still don't have a firm answer to this question.
  5. Rotopax Ez Rack

    Clearly you read my mind. I was in the process of asking about possible paint damage and you answered my question before I could type it out. I am slowly prepping my 392 for some off roading and fuel is of great concern to me. This seems like one of the best options without have to buy a new...
  6. Rotopax Ez Rack

    Thank you sir!
  7. Rotopax Ez Rack

    Do you have a winky linky for that fuel setup?
  8. Prime day 2023

    Grat Great find!
  9. 20% off on Superwinch, other offroad gear

    Will be interested to see how the Bulldog winch plate works on the JL. I didn't even know Zoro sold such things so thank you for posting this. I have 20% off coupons from them all the time.
  10. Resale value on gas Jeep with new emission laws

    Technology is always changing and if we are always waiting due to fear of the future we would never do anything.......says the guy with the gas guzzling 392.
  11. BEWARE*** Jeep voided warranty claim and voided remaining factory warranty BEWARE***

    Might want to go back and read that thread. OP spent $600 on an ARB setup but said he had $35K he planned to spend on his Jeep.
  12. Northridge will not price match themselves!

    What the heck NR? I didn't get the sale email! I just bought some coil springs from you guys and I thought we wuz friends! LOL
  13. Texas Wheeling

    Not sure how I missed this thread. I could have easily scheduled to be there had I seen it. Will keep an eye out for future rides.
  14. Fox Shocks and Accutune Off Road Review

    Fox Shox 883-26-050 for $988. Price changes quickly on Amazon but for anyone looking...... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QYCCM9V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Teraflex Olympus Beadlocks and Split Spoke Nomad Wheels

    What is the warranty on the finish of these wheels??
  16. Teraflex Nomad Split Spoke Wheel

    Has anyone tried the Teraflex Nomad Split Spoke wheels? I like the look of these wheels and the relatively inexpensive trim rings that can be replaced. Looking for any feedback good or bad. https://teraflex.com/nomad-split-spoke-off-road-wheel-5x5-12mm-bronze.html
  17. Teraflex Olympus Beadlocks and Split Spoke Nomad Wheels

    Are the valve stems and deflators included with the wheels? EDIT: I just found the valve stems and deflators sold separately.
  18. Fox Shocks and Accutune Off Road Review

    Question about the pitting in the shafts: why do shocks not come with boots? Seems like protecting the shafts from road grime would help a lot.
  19. Fox Shocks and Accutune Off Road Review

    Great information. I have ordered the 2.5 Performance Elite rears but haven't found the right deal on the fronts yet. I didn't go with Accu Tune because I feel like I can get what I want out of the box and I am trying my best to build my Jeep on a budget as much as possible.
  20. Memorial Day 2023 sales

    I was unaware of that. Thank you. 🤓