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  1. why do people like poke?

    Stuffed Poke is good.
  2. Official: 2024 Jeep Wrangler Facelift Refresh Gets Major Updates & Upgrades!

    It's all about costs. They reduced the amount of steel and replaced 9 individual plastic parts with one, which contributes to a shorter install time. Any increased air flow is just a byproduct.
  3. Pretty good deal on Mopar vehicle protection plans

    That's a demo included in the email.
  4. Pretty good deal on Mopar vehicle protection plans

    I purchased a Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan two years ago and just paid the last payment. I have four more years left on the plan and I was told that if I never use it I will get my full purchase price refunded. If I do use it, there will be a $100 charge per visit. Not that I have problems...
  5. Who has 30K miles or more on their JL and hasn't had any problems?

    Had my 5 year anniversary last month, 45K and no problems. Only went to the dealership for the Aux Battery and then to get the steering box TSB addressed before the warranty ran out.
  6. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    Like @Rubi6mt, all my sporty cars had manual transmissions. 1968 Cougar 1969 442 1960 Corvette 1969 2002 2004 G35 Still have the 6MT.
  7. bronze wheel options

  8. XR observations

    I am looking at getting the Clayton 1.5 springs, besides being stiffer are they taller? Did you do front and rear?
  9. XR observations

    Was it the 2.5 inch lift springs?
  10. Is it Wrong……

    You know the High Altitude comes from the factory with 20 inch wheels.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put my 17's back on.