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  1. Window Tint Photo Compilation Master Thread

    3M Ceramic IR; 30% fronts, 70% rear; 😎
  2. Invest in a dash camera.

    This is a good aggregate website that does extensive reviews on dash cameras. https://dashcamtalk.com. I recommend Street Guardian Brand (not affiliated with them); I have a dash camera from them that's still going strong 7 years later. I would also add that anyone living in the south with...
  3. Invest in a dash camera.

    Street Guardian SG9665XS V2. It's old, they don't make it anymore, but it's a good brand. I agree! I agree, but only if I had actually collided with him. The description was a slight hyperbole ;). I didn't hardwire this dash camera, just used the cigarette jack. I think if you want to do...
  4. Invest in a dash camera.

    Almost said goodbye to my mojito =(
  5. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    '19 JLUR. ~ 1 month old ~ 4000 miles. Backup camera suddenly stopped working with black screen. Hoping the system will resolve itself by tomorrow. Update: Rear camera working fine after starting jeep back up this morning.
  6. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Joining the club. You won't regret the color choice!
  7. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Mine was delivered yesterday to the dealership but have yet to receive a call from them. They didn't update me at all throughout the entire order process as well. Just getting a lil concerned...
  8. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Delivered today to dealership per jeep chat. Dealership has been quiet though...
  9. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Just hit KZ today!
  10. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Spoke with JC today. Said jeep has completed build and has been shipped to storage for either additional inspections or waiting to have enough vehicles to fill rail car. Guessing this is JS status.
  11. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Ordered '19 Rubicon Unlimited 10/3 with almost all the options. Got the build sheet yesterday and jeep chat told me today that it was built and is now pending installation of parts and options. I'm guessing this means JB status?
  12. Post your 2019 JL build status

    Ordered '19 Rubicon Unlimited 10/3. D1 status after speaking with chat today.