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  1. JLU Rubicon Average MPG?

    how is that possible! haha. I have 35s and everything else you have and only getting around 13.3
  2. JLU Rubicon Average MPG?

    I just watched a vid of a gladiator with 38s and everything modded out with a rooftop tent getting around 15 mpg. he did regearing and is getting 17 mpg. what the hake is going on with my jeep! haha. i have way less stuff on my jeep and only getting around 13.5 mpg
  3. JLU Rubicon Average MPG?

    My 2019 rubi is only getting around 13.3 mpg around town. Not sure what is going on. haha. is this normal? I have the 4 cylinder too. Mods: mopar lift 35s wheel spacers 1.5 genright ultra clearance front bumper with warn winch
  4. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    did you have any issues opening the roof with the tent on? i will be installing an ikamper mini and wanted to know if the tent holders to the rack would interfere
  5. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    can you put a tent on these?
  6. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    what paint finish did you go with? looks awesome. ordering haha
  7. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    thinking about getting this. how do you like it? how is the sound with the roof open and closed?
  8. Roof rack with Sky one touch

    Does anyone with this roof option know of any crossbar racks that will work on it? I cant seem to find any roof rack that will work except the Gobi one. I am just looking for a crossbar rack for a ikamper mini.
  9. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Not bad at all. I will check this out. thank you!
  10. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    I love my Jeep rubicon JL! Only issue was the death wobble which freaked me out a little but Jeep fixed it and issue is gone. Now I just need to figure out how to get my gas mpg up, haha. I am avg around 14 mpg. This really is a pointless post though. haha
  11. Poll: Sunshades, what one is best and why?

    sick side doors. which ones are those? can you send me the link to buy? Also any tips on installing the alien shade? I just ordered on amazon. I think I saw your pics on there too haha
  12. Alien Sunshade 2-Piece Front + Rear Combo

    these work on the one touch. people have confirmed on here and on amazon. look at the pics on amazon someone posted with one touch roof. I just ordered these.
  13. Alien Sunshade 2-Piece Front + Rear Combo

    I just ordered it off amazon. they work with the roof someone posted pics on amazon with it. looks good. I ordered the spiderweb one but i dont like the one piece. not sure if the spiderweb two piece will work with one touch roof
  14. Alien Sunshade 2-Piece Front + Rear Combo

    do these work for the sky one touch power roof?
  15. Alien Sunshade 2-Piece Front + Rear Combo

    so the two piece works with the sky touch sun roof opened and closed? do you have the link for which one you bought? I just ordered the spiderweb one made for this roof but its a 1 piece.
  16. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    we have the same jeep just different color lol
  17. Sun shades for sky one touch roofs

    can you send pic of the roof closed and roof open please? with the top open does it still feel nice and can you see outside still? can you send a pic of that? thanks! I live in cali and the sun is so hot that i cant even open my top most of the time. haha.
  18. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    those doors are nice! what kind?
  19. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    you will be good. I have girls hopping in and out of my jeep that are your height. You may want to buy those handles that go inside your jeep that you can wrap around the railing inside.
  20. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    I took these with my phone and drone, haha. I can email you the originals or I will have to take some with my actual camera. Just saw this post. Did you make a roof rack that can work with the sky touch sun roof?