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  1. New York Sold: stock jl tow hooks

    2 front 1 rear. $40. will not ship. local pick up only. located in ny. pm me if interested.
  2. New York Sold: floor jack and jack stands

    couple of jack and jack stands for sale. located in ny. pm me if interested. - small jack 4k#. 16" lift. $40 obo. -3 ton jack stands. $30 obo.
  3. New York extension ladder

    8ft extend to 16ft ladder. asking $100 obo. maybe interesting in a trade. pm me if interested. located in ny.
  4. New York LOD signature series mid width winch bumper.

    Fits jl / jt. Steel. Have bolts and winch plate. The bumper has some scrape marks around the bull bar and left side around the d ring mount. Also the left side mount has a slight bend. To be honest, its not really noticeable unless you really look closely. Local pick up only. No shipping...
  5. New York AEV snorkel for jl / jt

    I picked it up used with the idea of installing it on my jl. But decided to go in a different direction. What you see in the pics is what I have. No bolts or bezel. There might be a missing bracket that goes to the windshield. You can go to the AEV website and see what you need. This is a...
  6. New York front and rear tow hooks

    located in rockland county ny. $50
  7. New York westin bull bar

    came off a 07 grand cherokee. will fit other model vehicle with different mounts. check westins website for fits. comes with driving lights (halogens) all wired up. there is one scrape on the bottom. located in rockland county. $175.
  8. New York Sold: 245/65/17 factory rim

    1. 17x7.5 rim from 2007 grand cherokee. goodyear 245/65/17 located in rockland county. $175
  9. New York Sold: 245/65/17 nittos on 17x9 rims

    4 tires / rims 245/65/17 nitto terra grapplers on 17x9 (5 on 5.5) moto metals (from american racing). have lugs and center cap. located in rockland county. $650
  10. New York Sold: craftsman air compressor

    33 gal. 6hp oil free motor. 3/8" hose. located in rockland county. $200.
  11. nu finish products.

    i figured i'd post this up. i using nu finish products to wash / wax / spray detail the jl. i'm happy with the way the jl came out with a nice clean deep shine. i havent used the detail spray yet. i'm going to us 303 protectant for the fenders, handles, etc. as for the cloths, i'm using a...
  12. hard top detailing.

    what are you guys doing to detail / protect the black hard top. (non painted) i thinking just the usual car wash soap. also thinking applying wax is not a good idea due to the rough surface.
  13. calling to all rear bumper/tire carrier folks.

    anyone that has a rear bumper tire carrier setup of any brand, etc. i just installed the rear bumper and carrier from body armor this past thursdy. i love the overall looks and simple setup of the one operation of the hinged gate. so right now i'm tinkering with the "bounce" / "thumping noise"...
  14. any led lights available in a 1" size?

    i've got a body armor rear bumper that has 4 hole for rear sensors. i do not have the sensor option on the jl. for now i have the rubber plugs in the holes. i'm looking around to see if theres any type of led light that can fit in those holes. does anyone know if anything exist.
  15. 2021 cherokee input

    just exploring the idea of a second jeep. yes, i'm keeping the jl as my daily driver. its more for my mother to use and replace her car. i was looking at the cherokee and like to overall design, etc. what i wish it came with is a 3.6l v6. so my question for those that own a cherokee. how is...
  16. baja design squadron sports mounting position.

    what i'm trying to figure out.. is there any reason why i cant mount the lights upside down. meaning rotate the light 180* so the mounting bracket can mount the light to the underside of the light tab on a bull bar. then rotate the lens (amber driving combo) back to its original position. i'm...
  17. president day sales?

    anyone knows if there will be any good sales for president day on aftermarkets products.
  18. baja design squadron options / set up.

    i've been looking at the bd squadron r sport lights and need help in clarifying a few things. also want to see whats the best setup would be. currently i have a rough country 30* spot on the a pillar. most likely, i'm thinking of relocate them to the rear of the jl. i would like to do a amber...
  19. rough country MLC-6 Multiple Light Controller

    is anyone using this set up. rough country light switch. any feedback would be great. i see how its installed. what i would like to know is how the led light is installed to the box itself.
  20. looking for a low cost backup light.

    so i found a rear bumper that i might purchase, which has cutouts for 3" cube lights. i could plug the cutouts and not bother with lights or pickup a low cost led light and fill the hole. so i was looking at the hella value fit 3" cube lights. has any one used them. or is there a better choice...