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  1. Extended Warranty Worth it?

    I have purchased probably 30 new cars in my life, not once have I caved to the extended warranty in the F&I office. Just politely decline and tell them you're not interested. I have bought factory extended warranties only for maybe 3 of these cars that I've kept for 3 years or more, including...
  2. Extended Warranty Worth it?

    Check with your insurance company to see if they offer GAP insurance. The times I've added it, getting it from insurance company was WAY cheaper than they will grease you for in the F&I office.
  3. South Carolina Roll Call

    No, still working for a datacenter company full-time remote. Someone was telling me about a SCAR trail. Is that worth investigating at all?
  4. Steering Stabilizer 10,000 miles

    Because it's a simple part to replace, and upgrading it at the same time is an option. Taking it in for warranty service on a $40 part will likely involve multiple trips to the dealer, time without a vehicle, etc. Some things are just not worth having the dealer screw with, and this is...
  5. Why do all dealers overfill with 6 qts?

    I have changed my oii 5 times so far on mine, exactly 5 quarts poured in each time. It's always at the same level on the dipstick, which is over the "full" mark by 3/8" or so? It came that way when it was new as well. Just the nature of the beast I think.
  6. AMSOIL are you folks believers?

    Buddy at work changes his oil every 20,000 with conventional oil on a 2015 3.5 Ecoboost. It just turned over 200,000 without any engine issues. I wouldn't ever do that, and I think he's been incredibly lucky.
  7. Is the LED headlight group worth $1495?

    The halogens on the Wrangler are absolute dog crap. I'd recommend LEDs in one form or another over the Halogens. Just don't have to pay $1,500 for them...
  8. Is the LED headlight group worth $1495?

    I put $35 Beamtech LEDs in my Sport S 3 years ago. A vast improvement over the halogens. $1,500 seems ridiculous to me. Maybe they're not quite as good as the factory ones, but they work surprisingly well, have never been flashed, and have the same cutoff as the halogens.
  9. Wireless CarPlay adapters

    I've been using the Carlinkit 2 or 3, not sure which now, for 2+ years. I have no issues with my phone doing anything weird for the 30 minutes the USB stays hot in the Jeep. It's in my garage so I'm not that far from it either.
  10. best product for tire bloom/browning

    Been using Westley's Bleche-White for 45 years, has always worked well. I guess it got bought out by Black Magic but it's still called Bleche-White. Hopefully it's the same forumula. Was originally for whitewall tires but does a good job of cleaning up any tire. Just spray it on, let it sit...
  11. South Carolina Roll Call

    Will be moving to Greenville in September. No idea what to expect for trails here compared to the ones I normally run in the Rockies...
  12. 2024 JL with a 2023 stye grill?

    I thought the 2024 Sports do not get the new grill? Only the higher trims did. I could be wrong but I thought that was the case.
  13. Need help. Engine choices. 4cyl turbo?

    Yeah the cooling fan is loud, but I suspect the 3.6 must have one as well. Slow crawling will require the fan to come on from time to time.
  14. Jeep Looks to Veer Out of Sales Ditch (WSJ article)

    I rarely keep them for more than 3 :). The Wrangler will be 3 years in September and right now I have no plans to get rid of it.
  15. Window sticker and Build sheet shows Remote start, but not on Fob??

    I remember reading that it's not *that* hard to install the new handles. I have JSCAN so I can reprogram the Jeep for that feature. Seem to recall it was about $500 if you did driver's door and rear door. Probably wouldn't bother doing passenger side. I'm moving soon but maybe after I get...
  16. Window sticker and Build sheet shows Remote start, but not on Fob??

    My 2021 Sport S has remote start too and does not have proximity locks either. I might add them sometime, but it didn't come that way.
  17. EZ PASS locations?

    Yeah that's what we have in CO. Just a small sticker with some wires in it. Easy enough to put that out of view.
  18. Engine overheating going up I-70 from Denver - 37s w/o regear to blame?

    I have to add fluid to mine frequently as well. There's also a stain on the hood liner above the turbo area. Not sure where it's leaking/spraying from but my reserve tank is frequently low/empty as well.
  19. Disconnecting SiriusXM Guardian/Connected Services (7 inch)

    Yeah mine doesn't have those buttons and originally came with the 7" radio.
  20. Disconnecting SiriusXM Guardian/Connected Services (7 inch)

    Does the 7" model even have that ability? I didn't think it did, only the 8.4?