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  1. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Question for you Matt since you have 2 sweet Jeeps, which one do you prefer if you could only have one?? Love that last pic too, that perspective really looks awesome!
  2. BeeBee's Build Journey

    Wow, what a journey, thanks for sharing your travels w/ us & looks like your dog had a blast!! Love that shot w/ the dog & the tent.
  3. Colorado Adventures Continued (Punk'n JLR)

    Nope, all my other Jeeps were MTs, but not the JL :( At least the 8AT is a good one, but not as fun or engaging for sure.
  4. Colorado Adventures Continued (Punk'n JLR)

    NICE! I wish the Auto took ATF+4, that ZF ATF is F'n expensive :(
  5. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Nice Lowly I must say 👍 Hope the hooch was good too!
  6. Experience & comparison of switching from 37's to 35's

    People are saying Pats are cheap tires, well maybe they used to be (way back when I bought mine), but they're priced pretty close to much higher quality tires now. So when you say cheap tires, yeah, they're cheap regarding overall performance and quality, but not that cheap regarding price :(
  7. Badge of Honor Trail List in Google Maps

    Ted, you should have Jeep sign you up to do their next commercial, would sell a bunch more, and probably campers too! And on the side of the Jeep, rather than "Trail Rated" a "Wibornz Rated" badge would seem pretty balla!
  8. Experience & comparison of switching from 37's to 35's

    And 35s on a 2dr are similar to 37s on a 4dr, so there's that :)
  9. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Great job!! Wishing you the best for a continued recovery, you got this 👍
  10. Badge of Honor Trail List in Google Maps

    I bet you could come up w/ some creepy corn field trail in the heart of Nebraska that would at least be better than Schnebly Hill BoH trail, have some of these kids to spot you, might be epic!
  11. Experience & comparison of switching from 37's to 35's

    lol Ted :) Got our Pats before the peak of their hype, got them for $124 per tire, for that price they were ok, but the $250 (or more) they go for now, no way! Got 25k out of them and they still has about 5k of usable life left, but I would only recommend them for dry rocks w/ good grip, and...
  12. Experience & comparison of switching from 37's to 35's

    Nice setup! I went from smaller Pats to larger Mickey Thompson ATZs (295/70/17 to 315/70/17) and the ride and overall stability on and off road is far better w/ the Mickeys. The Pats were E rated and the MTs are D rated, so that may have something to do with it as well. Plus the Pats are...
  13. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    Ouch! Got my brand new set on ebay (2" F 1.5"R) #1165200 for $70, and even that's a lot for $10 worth of plastic :headbang:👎
  14. JL Specific Auto Transmission Service Details

    Thanks for that! And why in the hell did they design that exhaust equalizing loop (in the V6) so it drops lower than most anything else under the chassis, there's plenty of room to equalize at a higher plane. MORONS!
  15. JL Specific Auto Transmission Service Details

    Thanks for the tips, are you planning any more drain & fills to get most of the old out?
  16. BeeBee's Build Journey

    Maybe it's time for this Jayne
  17. Builds to minimize wandering steering?

    Those aluminum boxes can be hit or miss, ours was fine day to day, but on a long road trip in 100+ degree temps the play in the steering increased to the point where it was a concern. Having the cast iron box combined w/ the longer Mopar lift LCAs made high speed cruising a breeze w/ no wander...
  18. Is this normal? Steering wandering all over the place. Brand new 2021 Rubicon 2 Door

    Do a caster check, if you can get caster in the 6 degree range it will be much less prone to wander. And a simple $100 fix may be all you need. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/rubicon-suspension-on-2-door-sport.40700/#post-919317