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  1. Anyone know how to stop my fender from leaching this white stuff?

    This is exactly what I thought. The stress marks from bending the plastic. Very odd indeed.
  2. Flag etiquette/protocol

    I wish you patience with a nasty neighbor like that. I always say how important it is to have good neighbors. We pretty much all but live with our neighbors for years.
  3. New 2024 Wrangler Winch Bumper in person -- closeup photos

    Maximus-3 has been selling these metallic fillers for that exact area for a long time. I bought it when I installed my winch a few years ago to cover the frame rails! They have a few designs for different winch sizes/models. I’m not with my Jeep at the moment so here’s a couple of photos from...
  4. AutoNation dealer….offered to pay me for my used car with Zelle

    I got the same email from AutoNation Jeep. I didn’t think you could transfer funds that are over a couple of thousand dollars via Zelle
  5. FAD gone on 2023 Rubicon?

    When in 4Auto mode, i believe the front driveshaft engages and stays engaged until you go back to 2H. So no, it doesn’t engage and disengage constantly when you are in 4A.
  6. FAD gone on 2023 Rubicon?

    Some Someone removed it
  7. FAD gone on 2023 Rubicon?

    The ONLY JL from factory withut a front axle disconnect should be the 392 because the 392 has no 2H option at all. All other trims and engines, even with Auto 4WD option, should have a FAD from factory because they still have 2H.
  8. Competition: 2024 Tacoma Official First Look Leak!

    I have an 18 Tacoma and am really looking forward to this next gen offering. It will be superior regardless of any other upgrades as long as they put a better transmission than that excruciatingly terribly designed six speed in the current generation.🙄
  9. Tailgate reinforcement or swing out carrier?

    Expensive, but I also recommend the teraflex.
  10. Post your most prized Wrangler part / accessory / mod

    Super cool! What is the peak power capacity of those solar panels?
  11. Dynatrac branded shocks for EnduroSport

    Did not know about this new kit but I installed the original Dynatrac Endurosport with the fox2.0s from the kit (and longer front LCAs, 0.5” front coil spacers) on my 21 JLUR on July 7, 2021 and I am extremely happy with it on and off road and have had no issues as of yet. stock rubicon...
  12. No ETorque for 3.6l/auto for 2024?

    It’s not overly complicated.
  13. 2024 Wrangler + 20th Anniversary Rubicon Specific Parts Requests/Availability Thread - AllMopartParts

    My rubi is a 21MY and honestly the only thing that slightly interests me from the refresh is the Uconnect5 infotainment system
  14. Absurd 30,000 mile service quote!!

    I got a similar quote for 15,000 miles from a jeep dealership during an oil change visit. It was almost $2k and included things such as engine tune up and some other more absurd items. 😂 I literally laughed at his face.
  15. 24MY UP TO 8% UNDER INVOICE Orders and 6% on IN STOCK

    I cannot say but considering that pricing has been steadily increasing year over year and the fact that due to the refresh, many packages which were optional before will now be standard, I imagine the price will increase by thousands of dollars.
  16. 24MY UP TO 8% UNDER INVOICE Orders and 6% on IN STOCK

    It’s going to almost certainly be much more expensive than MY23.
  17. Full time 4 wheel drive.

    Because just like the Sahara with full-time 4WD, the 392 is also full-time 4WD with the removal of the 2nd option. That is why.
  18. I’m truly perplexed - NOT trolling!

    I have Never had an issue with 8th gear with my rubicon on 4.10s running 35s. After about 45mph, it shifts right into 8th with no issues.
  19. Help! Snapped my axle on my 2022 JLUR Xtreme Recon and I need advice!

    Sucks that your axle broke. But it always makes me laugh when a vehicle advertised as an off-road capable machine is denied warranty when something happens while off road. It’s like “oh yes this vehicle is made to go off-road, but you can’t go off-road as that will void your warranty” 😂😂😂 The...