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  1. Why Not to Get Sky One Touch Roof?

    No, I'm saying not to buy the option that is very similar to what other trucks and suvs have and to get the special thing that Jeep offers that other vehicles don't. Save your strawman bullshit for someone else.
  2. Why Not to Get Sky One Touch Roof?

    For me, it's just not that special. It's the compromised option that people who want daily bells and whistles over what a Jeep normally offers. For our family of two, my Ram does virtually the same thing a Sky One Touch would for us sitting in the front seats. My biased opinion is that if...
  3. Aftermarket Inner Liners - Exposed Fender Underneath?

    Hey all, my wife and I have had our eyes on this set of inner fender liners for a while now, but I've never quite understood why aftermarket liners only go onto the body, but leave the underside of the fender itself exposed. Is there a reason they need to be, or would there be any harm in simply...
  4. QUADRATEC stay away!! EDITED

    Ok, but do you see how Quadratec having a "shit policy" and you posting "STAY AWAY" are two totally different things? Forgive me if my last post sounded asshole-ish, but your entire post comes off as very "Karen" when you could have simply made people aware of a "shit policy", as you put it...
  5. QUADRATEC stay away!! EDITED

    It never ceases to amaze me when someone has a bad experience with one customer service rep and they decide to shit all over the whole company because of it. Quadratec didn't get to be as big as they are by being idiots that screw over their customers. Don't be ridiculous.
  6. Mopar Stubby bumper question

    Personal experience here for you, if it helps. I once bought a new Mopar steel bumper from a guy, and in order to get it in the back of my wife's 2-door (rear seats out), all we had to do was remove one side of the bumper. I have no doubt a 4-door could handle a full size bumper with the seats...
  7. Factory Rubicon 4xe Wheel - Part Number?

    I never thought to check eBay... Thanks!
  8. Factory Rubicon 4xe Wheel - Part Number?

    Does anyone know if there is a specific part number where I can buy a Rubicon 4xe wheel only? I just need one Rubicon wheel (any year as long as it has the blue Jeep easter egg), but everyone online is only selling all 5 or is selling wheels and tires together. Is there a way to get just one...
  9. Florida WTB 2DR Mopar HD Rock Sliders

    Looking for the extended HD rock sliders, not the factory Rubicon rails. These: Mopar 82215129AB Performance Rock Rails for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL 2 Door | Quadratec
  10. Rant: Aftermarket product listings that ignore 2-door existence or treat it like an afterthought

    This part of your statement renders everything else you said after in irrelevant, because that is exactly not what I'm talking about. Needing to know history or be a specific hobbyist for a trim name to make sense is the opposite of helpful.
  11. Rant: Aftermarket product listings that ignore 2-door existence or treat it like an afterthought

    Great, now I have to watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Thanks.
  12. Rant: Aftermarket product listings that ignore 2-door existence or treat it like an afterthought

    Rant #2: Unlimited was a stupid name to begin with. If a 2-door is the base size, adding 2-3 more seats does not make it unlimited, nor does that (by deduction) mean that the 2-door is limited. Nothing about the term Unlimited communicates what it actually is or what you're losing out on if...
  13. Rant: Aftermarket product listings that ignore 2-door existence or treat it like an afterthought

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest something absolutely fucking wild. You guys ready? 2-door Jeep: JL2 4-door Jeep: JL4 Generation and number of doors. No extra text necessary. You're welcome, A bored technical writer
  14. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Without a doubt.
  15. Mist coming out of vents

    Yea same here. I've never even seen so much as condensation around the vents.
  16. Bestop Trektop

    All due respect man, I think your expectations are a little out of line here. The initial assembly definitely takes a while because you need to put all the hardware together, but it's really not that bad to take off. You don't need to completely disassemble to bows or anything - you just loosen...
  17. Input Appreciated: Mixing and Matching Lift Options

    The Mopar LCAs are a smidge longer than the current ones, so that will help. I want to see if the XR ones are any different, but I’ll be taking one of them for sure.
  18. Input Appreciated: Mixing and Matching Lift Options

    Jeep: 2-door Rubicon, Hydro Blue (ie, the best color) Primary Use: Daily driving and shows, parades (light shows, festivities) Current Mods: 35" Toyos, nothing else suspension-related Goal: "Just a little bit" of lift Long story short, my wife loves using her Jeep for light shows, parades, and...
  19. Quake LED's Love It Or Leave It 15% OFF Independence Day Sale Is Live NOW!!!!

    I'm about to wrap up a huge install with the Quad Lock Pro. Highly recommend Quake's stuff if you guys haven't tried them before.
  20. Is there any real purpose to the backup camera bezel?

    You can turn that lock open with anything really. I've done it with a flathead before.