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  1. A good read, regarding 0w Viscosity engine oil.

  2. ESS and E-TORQUE combined with the 3.6 engine.

    When one has this combination, of ESS and E-TORQUE with the 3.6 engine, what happens when one turns off the ESS? Does the e=torque still work, or is it deactivated also? So when the ESS is turned off, will the engine continue to run at a stop light? I am trying to understand how the two...
  3. Our two door Icon, will no longer be produced. Larger Unlimited in the making.

    Well.. this is the latest.. https://www.quadratec.com/c/blog/planning-launch-new-seven-passenger-wrangler-eliminating-two-door-version?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=organic_social&utm_campaign=blog_april_fools_2023 Well..darn, I thought that y'all would believe it..LOL
  4. PUG 3.6 Detonation issue.

    Interesting Post The fix for the pentistar upgrade engine detonation/spark knock everyone complains about. I've been a ase certified senior master tech at a Ford dealer for 7 years. Really wanted a wrangler so I bought a 2020 jl sport brand new. 16,000 miles and After 3 visits to my local dodge...
  5. Wheel Fitment, Back Spacing, Width and Offset - Calculations and Considerations

    This is a topic, that it seems like has been discussed and mis-understood on vehicle forums ongoing. First off, one doesn't need to be concerned about offset. With a wheel the concerns are the size 17",18", or larger, or smaller. mounting bolt pattern, proper mounting hole to stud size, Rim...
  6. Video of the Wrangler Toledo Production Plant.

    I don't know if you have seen this before, so I thought that I would Post it. ^^^ The video...
  7. Class action law suit, regarding Pentastar 3.6 engine defective valve train roller bearing failures.

  8. OMG..Just horrible!

    14 students, 1 teacher dead after shooting at elementary school: Governor (msn.com)
  9. 2018 JLR, Steering issue.

    Good morning Members, Just a little back ground on myself. I have been into Jeeps starting back in the 70's with a 1974 CJ5, then a 2003 TJ, and currently own, of which we purchased new, a 2013 JKR and now also the 2018 JLR. So we love Jeeps. I am also a Member of the largest Wrangler Forum WF...