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  1. JLT Catch Can Really Does Work

    First oil change at 3500 miles and the can was full, glad it was installed as soon as I got it home.
  2. XM Intermittent Disruption with Skytouch open

    So the wifey was complaining about the XM not working correctly when the top was open. After a little testing I figured out that if the top is only opened to the sound bar is causes an intermittent signal disruption. To verify that I had my son sit on the sound bar while the top was all the way...
  3. 2021 Rubicon XR 4 Door Leveling Kit?

    Anyone level the front with the rear? if so what did you use size and brand? Thanks, Ken
  4. Yukon

    Anyone have a line with a dealership willing to order a Yukon XL under invoice? I use it as the family hauler as it's much roomier than the Rubicon. I have one now but like the looks of the new ones.... Thanks, Ken
  5. Shock Upgrade

    New 2021 Rubicon 4 door XR looking to upgrade from factory shocks. Do I choose something that is for 0-2" lift? None are specific for the XR package. Thanks for any help..... Ken
  6. Finally Got The Window Sticker

    So, I finally got my window sticker, my build has been pushed out 3 times so far with my new build date supposed to be 12/18. I noticed they deleted the all weather mats, I had read about the shortage so it was expected. I ordered a set somewhere else and have them along with several other...
  7. Does Rubicon XR comes with a hood decal (on top of hood)?

    Can anyone tell me if the Rubicon XR comes with a hood decal (I know it has the hood decal on the side that says RUBICON) I'm specifically asking about the top part of the hood. If so, if you have a Rubicon XR in Granite Crystal I'd sure appreciate some pics of the top of the hood and full side...
  8. Would I be crazy IF

    I sold my 2020 Challenger Redeye Widebody and ordered the 392 XR loaded to the max? It's my second Hellcat and the Jeep I have on order if for the wifey. We've had several and they've all been hers. I'm thinking I might like my own HMMMM
  9. Rubicon XR Lugnuts

    Can someone tell me if the wheels that come on the XR have the standard chrome lugnuts?
  10. Factory Steel Bumper Tube Options

    I've been waiting on the Maximus 3 to come out, anyone have aftermarket tubes on the factory steel bumper? I've looked and can't seem to find many options
  11. XR Shock Replacement

    Has anyone upgraded the shocks on the XR to FOX specifically? If so what size did you get lift wise, 0-1.5 or 2-3 inch?? Thanks, Ken