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  1. Midland MXT275 Micro Mobile Radio install in 2022 JLR with Automatic Transmission

    Parts: Midland MXT275 Radio CoolTech Bracket, NMO Adpater, 12' Midland coax cable and Midland's MXTA26 6db GMRS antenna Install: Notes: Radio bracket install was done by removing the bolt cover on the front part of the tunnel passenger side and removing the 6mm bolt. Under the cover the hole...
  2. 4 Hi Auto on my wife’s 4Xe Sahara is amazing in the snow

    Just have to say that 4 Hi Auto on my wife’s 4Xe Sahara is amazing in the snow and I wish my Rubicon had it. That is all.
  3. Saw a GMC AT4 pickup today with custom plate that made me laugh out loud.

    Plate read: “JEEPKLR” Maybe he is into sleighing Jeep Compasses? 🤣 Keeping up with a Jeep Wrangler, good luck “JEEPKLR”, good effing luck!
  4. With temps dropping in many places, don’t forget to adjust your tire pressure.

    May need to add a little more air. Just don’t get too carried away like this Mensa member:
  5. Michigan Sold: 5 Stock Rubicon tires 285/70/17’s with 8,082 miles on them. Asking $1000

    Asking $1,000 for all 5 Factory tires removed at 8,082 miles. Nothing wrong with them at all, I moved up to 35’s. Last 5 tire rotation was at 4,558 miles. Each tire is marked with the location they were removed from, so when new owner installs they can rotate them accordingly.
  6. Michigan $100 - Factory springs, shocks, sway bar links and front track bar from 2022 Rubicon 2 door with trailer tow package.

    Factory suspension has 7,640 miles on it. Should provide a lift for a 2 door sport model. Asking $100
  7. TeraFlex basic 2.5” spring with 9550 VSS Twin Tube shocks and extras to make it correct.

    All, I am in the process of working with a reputable shop to install the following on my 2022 JLR 2.0 turbo: Geo brackets: https://teraflex.com/jl-jt-sport-frame-bracket-kit-front-control-arms-2-5-4-5-3-5-4-5.html Front track bar...
  8. First trail ride with our 22 JLR observation

    The wife and I were at the Great Smokey Mountain Jeep Club Invasion in Tenessee. They had a fun trail ride you paid $25 to ride through. We both noticed what we felt was an excessive amount of head toss. Our last Jeep was a JLUR, and it was less pronounced . So I’m assuming it’s a 2 door thing...
  9. False positive low tire pressure warning

    Twice since picking up my 2022 JLR in March, the tire pressure monitoring system provided a warning for the passenger front tire. Warning it was at 8 PSI, when in fact it was at the same pressure as the other 3. It was a false positive that self corrected shortly after the warning. Anyone else...
  10. Michigan For sale factory Rubicon rock rails from 2022 JLR 2 door. Asking $200

    All mounting hardware included. Area code 48048
  11. Michigan Sold: Selling front and rear springs, shocks and links from 2020 JL Unlimited Rubicon that had hard top and tow package

    Asking $150. I believe the miles were under 20,000 when removed. Never used for towing. I currently have the front and rear factory track bars as well if interested they will be included in purchase. Area code 48048
  12. Bestop Sunrider, how is it on a 2 door?

    I am contemplating buying the sunrider. I have concerns with wind buffering, as the 4 door owners have rear windows to lower to help with wind buffering and such. How noisy are they and when open, does the incoming air smack you in the face or is it more tempered? Looking for honest real world...
  13. Flat paint spot drivers side door

    Just noticed a flat paint spot on the drivers side door near the side view mirror. Looks like something was covering that area during the paint/clear coat process. Not sure if it’s worth getting repaired under warranty or not. I will mention it to the service department next time I’m in for a...
  14. Protect winch synthetic line hook loop from sunlight

    I wanted to protect the synthetic winch line hook loop from the sun, so I just used what I had around the house. I removed the hook and zip tie attached a piece of tool box drawer liner. It’s a rubber like soft material. If for some reason it doesn’t hold up, I’ll look for something different...
  15. Diesel fuel shortage debunked by awesome forum members.

    Edit: I edited the title. Sorry I dropped a link to an article that is garbage. Thanks for the enlightening posts. Don’t know if this is all true or not. Just thought I would share: https://www.newstarget.com/2022-05-11-diesel-fuel-and-electricity-shortages-are-coming.html
  16. Why is the 2.0 Turbo so noisy?

    So many comments about the 2.0 Turbo being loud, noisy and unrefined especially at cold start up. Comments like it sounds like a sewing machine, a diesel. It’s so loud it wakes people from their sleep. Why is this? What’s the reason it’s so loud? Most 4 cylinders can hardly be heard. I had a...