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  1. The PERFECT Wrangler accessory.

    That’s tight. Best way to do it. This guy gets it:
  2. The PERFECT Wrangler accessory.

    In the buttocks. I would laugh my ass off. Well then why wasn’t it there to begin with? More importantly, how EXACTLY did it fall out?
  3. Odour

    It’s not enough for them to just look at it. Some action must be taken.
  4. Dealer falsified post-purchase satisfaction survey

    So what? This entire thread is TRIVIAL. Nice looking Jeep though. Welcome to the forums. :CWL:
  5. Capability of a 2021 Sport S

    Suitable for everything you mentioned.
  6. A self evaluation into jeeping

    Yes. This is true too.
  7. A self evaluation into jeeping

    Well said. Yes this is true.
  8. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Was he driving erratically? Did he break any traffic laws? Was he threatening you, pedestrians or other drivers? If not, then what’s the problem?
  9. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    I did it. No I didn’t.
  10. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Quoted For Truth!
  11. On a scale of 1/10 rate the douche level.

    I’m sure his wife doesn’t mind his girlfriend. And I’m sure his girlfriend’s boyfriend doesn’t mind the sloppy second and thirds either. So how much was that Jeep? ;)
  12. Criswell Timeline/Experience

    Patrick is great to work with.
  13. Couple Noob questions. Please be gentle.

    I once came across a large inscription on a wall: “when life gets hard, get down on your knees!” Something was lost in translation.
  14. Impatient

    Plenty. Some have waited 6+ months. Really depends on what options you ordered and the availability.
  15. Couple Noob questions. Please be gentle.

    When the nuns look like this, can you blame them?
  16. No new inventory going on a month now

    Now you’ll just have to stop by and settle for oogling the cute female receptionist like a real creeper. Or maybe other dudes if that’s your thing.
  17. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Off road steel bumpers! Get them!!
  18. Why do all dealers overfill with 6 qts?

    It does and I do. :involve: And did you know that you can save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to GEICO? Interesting.