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  1. Custom JL Holster

    Did you have to make any holes or modifications to mount it?
  2. JL Holster Molle Panel

    Looks good and is not in the passengers way. I have 6mules if dirt road to my house so I am hoping that it doesn’t vibrate much. If it does I’ll let you know.
  3. JL Holster Molle Panel

    Thanks I actually had not thought of the magnets and I have them lying around, but I orders the holster panel and I’ll post some pictures when I get it installed.
  4. 2021 Adds Two Additional USB Ports?

    Thanks I never hear of usb c I guess I am old…
  5. 2021 Adds Two Additional USB Ports?

    What are the two on the top of the USB ports for?
  6. JL Holster Molle Panel

  7. JL Holster Molle Panel

    Hopefully someone here has one and will let us know if not I will have to try it.
  8. JL Holster Molle Panel

    I tried the search first with nothing returning, is anyone using the below JL Holster Molle Panel from MPS? I was wondering what your thoughts are and if it rattles when the gun is on it. Open to other carry suggestions in the Jeep I have a 2 dr. Thanks...
  9. Over the rear fender storage solutions?

    Thanks I am checking with the mole company to see if those will work on the 2dr.
  10. Over the rear fender storage solutions?

    Can you post a picture of yours after you put them in?
  11. Over the rear fender storage solutions?

    Check these out, I just wish they came in OD green as my Jeep is Sarge green .
  12. Advice - Soft top in Colorado/Utah in Winter

    I live in Colorado near Wyoming the top will be fine in the winter. I wouldn’t mess with the windows much until the heater has the cab warmed up when it is below freezing but that is just me. As far as wind in Northern Colorado and Wyoming we get some serious wind in the winter. 45 is nothing so...
  13. Custom JL Holster

    Thanks and the one you have is for a Glock?
  14. Custom JL Holster

    Where, how will this mount? Can you post pics when you get it set up?
  15. Hard top side sliding window

    Thanks that is similar the JK ones I saw looked more like the factory side window without the insert.
  16. Hard top side sliding window

    Has any one seen a side window slider kit for the factory hard top? They made them for the JK but I haven’t seen or heard of one for the JL. I had a 4 door and my dog doesn’t like the 2 dr because she cant stick her head out.
  17. Grab Handles and Sky 1 Touch Top

    Did you try these out yet?
  18. Patches on MOPAR Headliner

    Won’t the stick side of a Velcro backed patch grip the carpet? That’s what I use on the side carpets and seat back.
  19. Discount code didn’t work

    TLP had a sale this weekend with 150 off so I tried to take advantage of it, but at check out the 100 would not come off price and they still wanted 63 dollars shipping and the 50 shipping discount did not work either. I wanted one but not that bad. Anyone else have this issue?