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  1. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Thank you so much. They are BFG KO2s 285/70/17 and yes OEM steel wheels. They don’t get enough credit, I personally dig the steel wheels.
  2. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    A little wedding anniversary camping with the wife. Love this spot just outside 11 Mile in CO.
  3. Installing 2024 Grille?

    sure can, id just wait for people to trade when the 24's start to come out more. A lot of people dont like the new grille. Could be your chance to save some money.
  4. What are your other rides?

    99 XJ 5speed. 126k on the 4.0. Needs some love and some stuff replaced, but we all pick and choose our projects. :-)
  5. Manual Transmission Delivered?

    FCA only has a 12k mile warranty on the Clutch, ask me how I know. =) but im saving for the ACT or Centerforce clutch. drive it then replace with aftermarket. its not warrantied anymore after 12k miles. Still sucks though we have to consider that.
  6. 2024 Wrangler JL vs. 2023 model -- *Some* of the new things I (dealer tech) noticed have changed

    I have a 99 XJ with 126k miles. 5speed manual. Sadly need to sell. Needs some work getting it running again. Could be just a sensor but I dont have a garage to work on it as it should. Love that jeep. One day when I get a home with a garage I will find another 99 Cherokee manual to work on.
  7. Jeepeto Needs New Wheels (Help me pick!)

    I was looking at AEV Borah when I’m ready for new wheels and tires. What are people’s thoughts on those?
  8. Well this was more exciting than we bargained for heading up Kenosha Pass

    Kenosha Pass can be dangerous, dumb people and massive log trucks. Glad you guys are safe.
  9. Compass not working

    probably talking about the compass in the UConnect. =)
  10. EXPLODED JL Clutch! Detailed Look & Testing by Advanced Clutch Technology

    This is good to hear as Im looking to replace. FCA originally replaced my clutch at 12k miles but its just the worst. Was in bumper to bumper traffic uphill and it felt like it was slipping, I had to give it way more gas then I was comfortable doing. Reverse uphill on a dirt road felt like I...
  11. Windshield Blessed…Until Now

    Last Week Happened to the wife and I. 2018 JL 26k miles, not a lot but living in CO its bound to happen. Need to see what insurance will cover, but probably sticking with OEM. I haven't heard Gorilla Glass is worth it. Unless its the same cost for the OEM. Then why not try it
  12. 2024 Jeep Wranglers Delivered to Dealerships!!!

    It looks to me like its not color matched, more so its a silver jeep with the silver slats. The black Sahara has the silver slats as well. Could be cool if they are color matched, but doubt Jeep will go through the trouble.
  13. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    Jeep Only warranties the clutch for 12k miles not sure how many months. I was able to get mine replaced under that warranty but it was a pain to get it approved. I will for sure get it replaced with an ACT clutch in the near future, but if it works out of the box replace only if needed.
  14. 2024 Wrangler Build & Price Configurator Now Live on the Jeep Website!

    Looks like you can still get 4.88 Gears on the Rubicon with a manual. Also, no limited slip option. Probably a known thing already, but just noticed.
  15. 2024 Wrangler + 20th Anniversary Rubicon Specific Parts Requests/Availability Thread - AllMopartParts

    You would still probably have to color match the trim pieces around it still. But if you like the gloss black center piece its less work =) I think you can do quite a lot with the new grille.
  16. Colorado Adventures Continued (Punk'n JLR)

    I like the black Satin Grille. I keep going back and forth on it. I found a guy getting rid of his Rubi grille, so Rubi grille on a sport. He went angry eyes and I took advantage =) Jeep Looks great man. No Stickers look good. I do like the hood graphic from Pixel Decals on my Punk’n. it does...
  17. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I dont have a garage so its always out in the elements. Here in CO so all sorts of weather. I had issues on all 4 door hinges and even on the doors themselves totally away from any hinges. The main issue is contaminates from the factory and opposing metals. Not getting paint bubbles is like...
  18. Dumb Suspension Question

    about an inch or so. if you ever parked next to a rubicon thats what it is. Running 33s - so exact same hight.
  19. Dumb Suspension Question

    I did not. they are the same