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  1. Remove Auxiliary Battery

    I'm am sure there is a thread on this, but my search has let me down on finding a current one. I want to replace my main battery and while it is out go ahead and remove the auxiliary battery completely. What is the best way to do this? Simply remove the battery and tie the cables that went to...
  2. Any recommended trails near Mount Rushmore/Badlands?

    We will be vacationing the second week of June and will be driving from Western KY to Rapid City. Are there any trails near the Badlands or Mount Rushmore that we should check out? Looking for more scenic views off the main road than a real off-road challenge.
  3. Jeep Emblem Location

    My Stinggray Sport came with chrome Jeep emblems which I have never liked. I finally broke down and ordered the black ones from Jeep and removed my old ones, no easy task. I should have taken some measurements, but I installed the new ones by eyeball. They are on straight and both sides are the...
  4. Need trail suggestions for a family vacation (Grand Canyon/Moab)

    I will be making my first trip out West this July and would like to take my Jeep off-road. This will be on our family vacation, so I am not looking for anything difficult. I would just like to get off the paved roads and see some views that require little hiking since I assume it will be hot...
  5. Gear swap before long road trip or wait?

    I have a Sport with 35s and will be taking a 4000-5000 mile road trip out west in July. I currently have stock gearing. Would I be better off to swap gears now or after the trip? Looking to possibly save a little on fuel.
  6. Tire clearance with Motobilt Crusher bumper

    I have the Teraflex spare tire mount with 35s and had been running a rubicon bumper. I had the studs in the middle position and had plenty of clearance for my 35in spare. I installed a Motobilt Crusher rear bumper today and my tire hits to the point the gate will not shut. I was a little...
  7. Recovery Shackle Block

    I am looking to upgrade my recovery gear. I bought a kinetic rope and now need a way to attach it to my Jeep. I have been looking at various shackles that mount in the trailer hitch. Are there any recommended brands? I prefer US made. The Agency 6 one looks good for the money...
  8. Help choosing bumper

    I am looking to replace my front bumper and could use some help. I do not want the OEM steel bumper. I am looking for an American made, narrow width, that has cut outs for round fog lights. I think I would prefer the winch to be in the bumper instead of on top, but that is not a deal breaker...
  9. Adding Remote Start

    The temps are starting to drop and i did not order my Jeep with remote start. I have seen threads where the factory system was added. Is that the best way to go? Are there aftermarkets systems that work with the Jeep keyfob?
  10. Lift is on (Question about steering and spare tire)

    I installed my 2in lift this weekend. As I was expecting, my steering wheel is off center. I have to turn left to go straight. Does this mean I need to make the drag link shorter? Also, I got an error after driving a few miles that my traction control has been disabled. Is this caused by...
  11. First Time Installing Lift

    I will be installing my 2in lift tomorrow in the garage. One question I have is how far will I need to drop the axle to swap springs? Would it be a horrible idea to put my axles on jack stands and use a forklift to raise the jeep to swap the springs? Or put the Jeep on tall stands and lower...
  12. Help Narrow Down Tire Choices

    I am buying some 35x12.50x17 next week and I am having a tough time narrowing down what tire to get. Here is my list (open to other suggestions) Dick Cepek Extreme Country Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac Milestar Patagonia MT Cooper Discoverer MTP Most of my driving will be highway, but I prefer...
  13. Red LED Blinking on Key

    There is a red LED on the key that comes on when you push a button. Last night when driving around I noticed it would blink everyone once in a while while just laying the the cupholder. Any idea why?
  14. Positive Offset Wheel Choices

    I may be in the minority here, but I would prefer my tires to not stick out way past the fenders. What I have been looking for are wheels 17x8.5 with an offset of +18 to +25. There are not many that fit these specs especially that are light weight. I plan post wheels that I find in this...
  15. Lightweight 35x12.5x17 MT Tires

    I have been trying to do some research on lightweight 35x12.5x17 MT tires for my JLU. It will primarily be daily driven on pavement but hope to soon start getting off-road some. I have narrowed my choices down based on weight listed on the mfg.’s website and reviews I have found online. If...
  16. Blinded by the Shifter

    I have searched, possibly poorly, but is anyone else blinded by reflected light off the shifter? When the sun is at certain angles it seems to go right in my eye. I can't be the only one.
  17. How to Replace Speakers

    Is there a guide on how to replace the speakers? In particular I am looking at how to do the knee speakers.
  18. Fan Stops During Navigation

    I noticed today when I am using google maps through carplay, my fan either stops or slows when it is giving directions. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn this off?
  19. Front Wipers Loose?

    We are getting a little snow today so I went out an flipped my wipers up off the windshield so I can easily clean any buildup off the windshield in the morning. It felt like whatever the wipers are mounted to is very loose. Has anyone else noticed this before I start taking things apart to...
  20. New Jeep, spare part in floor board?

    I took delivery of my Jeep today. When I got it home the first thing I did was put new floor mats in. Under the passenger front seat I found a small part. Not sure where it came from. Does this look familiar to anyone?