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  1. Dual doors and Chief

    Now, I may have to trade in my 2019 for a 2021 80th Anniversary. Not only is Chief coming back as a color which I love, but I can literally build a 2 door Sahara with half doors!
  2. New seat covers available

    I've been waiting for these to finally get released. I have them in my JKU, and I love them. They are available now for PRE ORDER. https://www.quadratec.com/p/diver-down/neoprene-seat-covers-wrangler-jl-2-door
  3. Help with 17 JKU headlights

    Hey guys. I could use some help here. I want to replace my husband's headlight. We're talking Jeep here :giggle: So, can I just replace the bulb, or should I do a complete overhaul? If anyone has a JK, you know these headlights suck! Thanks! I want to surprise him for Valentine's:like:
  4. Ohio winter brine is changing

    So, those of us that live here deal with this crappy brine that ODOT puts on the roads because (insert whatever). I heard from my brother that ODOT is switching up the brine this year for one that is cheaper by 25%-30% BUT it is known to cause severe rust issues. Ohio knows this and they are...
  5. Tires for JKU

    Ok guys, I want to surprise my husband with some new tires for his 17 JKU Sport S. His came with the all season ones, and I really like the look of an A/T myself. Earlier this year, I bought him new wheels from Quadratec (Hard Rock), so now looking to get him a nice set of shoes. But, I'd like...
  6. Guess the fluid...

    Hmm, I took a road trip last night to watch some hockey (250 miles round trip) and saw this fluid this morning. I don't have a black light to know for sure, but leaking rear shocks? Approximately 1400 on the odometer.