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  1. Help needed. cold weather package??

    There are heated seat inserts and wiring you can add to any vehicle. I've considered it. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=heated+seat+kit&ref=nb_sb_noss
  2. Tow package now. Wiring later

    The Curt kit is essentially the same, mount a module in the tail light housing. I did not have to activate anything at the dealership or otherwise, and I did not have to remove the fender liner. Been using it for 3 years, paired with a Draw Tite hitch rated for 4500 lbs.
  3. Hard top side sliding window

    I have used it in the winter. It flips up on top, just pop out the side channels. It's not as easy or secure as the hardtop window, but it is functional and retains heat inside.
  4. Hard top side sliding window

    I can also vouch that we have run the soft top with the rear window removed...no ill effects but I have heard of the sides coming off. You could unbolt your window on the hard top, or perhaps just make some kind of reinforcement rod that holds it up. Personally, the soft top is all things to me...
  5. Tow package now. Wiring later

    I got a Curt 4 wire harness, it was actually very easy to run. It plugs into the taillight harness and then you run 1 power wire with fuse to the battery. I went underneath and zip tied to the frame. Being a hybrid should not be an issue. Edit- I got Curt 56407 on Amazon for $75
  6. Level 3 bulletproofing is a $25,000 option

    If you need to hideout in a bulletproof trailer, you have made too many enemies. $67k for the base model, I assume they will only build a few of these. The comments are gold.
  7. Warranty for soft top bought separate from Jeep

    I don't know if Quadratec will help you, and I'm not sure the dealer will either if you have a factory hard top. Try calling Bestop first, then try your dealer. I agree this should not have broken.
  8. Locking Down your Jeep so it does not get STOLEN!

    The Tazer 'light show' will also make your lights look broken sometimes. I freaked out the first time it happened.
  9. Locking Down your Jeep so it does not get STOLEN!

    Yes, they attack the canbus behind the glovebox to make a key. It is literally just the 2 wires. Please don't send them after my Rubicon, lol Edit- here is a mopar cable with the canbus connection...
  10. Auto Stop is Crazy!!

    I find the steering wheel not being straight is the #1 reason it doesn't work. Beyond the other conditions everyone have mentioned.
  11. Antenna delete options...

    I'm a big fan of the stock antenna. You can't delete it and expect anything else to 'actually work.' I wonder if the new windshield one will even be as good. Ask the CB guys how they do it without a mast. Either commit to using internet/satellite radio or leave it alone. That's my .02.
  12. Locking Down your Jeep so it does not get STOLEN!

    Thieves can just connect 2 wires to the canbus anywhere on the Jeep. What we need is the firmware update they are giving to the Hemi Challengers. @JeepCares tell me this is in the pipeline please.
  13. Any 4-dr JL owners switch to a 2-dr JL and…

    TLDR, everyone loves their 2 door.
  14. Georgia Rockslide Stubby Bumper with Bull Bar $500 OBO

    Bump still for sale. I'll be OOT for June but I can ship this first week of July.
  15. Woman keys 400 vehicles at a Canadian CDJR dealership

    Tell me she is serving a life sentence in prison. Justice for Jeeps!
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I'm a big fan of the Willys.
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It looks great, I have just heard too many stories of this valve taking a hit. Probably ok on a street driven Jeep.
  18. I want a CD player

    My usb (microsd) takes a couple minutes the first time I plug it in, after that the Jeep 'remembers' and I can browse instantly every time. This is many many albums, some number of gigabytes. I would have to look. Spotify, pandora, google etc all work fine on my 7" uconnect.
  19. Love the sound of the 392! Matt's Off-Road Recovery takes one on a recovery

    Matt makes everything look so easy. I've learned so much by just watching his channel.