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  1. Ok to steer Jeep with engine off?

    We have a real pain of a narrow driveway with 3 vehicles. I inevitably have to move one to go to work, etc. and for years I moved our 4Runner with the engine off and in neutral. It's a bear to turn the steering wheel to get the vehicle 90 degrees against the curb but don't want to start the...
  2. Saw a Wrangler burnt down on I-10 Houston Sunday

    Hopefully nobody here. Black 4 door on the side of the East bound freeway before downtown. Looked to be an engine fire. Saw it on the way home from Katy area.
  3. Mosquito Solution for Top Down?

    Suggestions for keeping mosquitoes out of the interior while parked or driving low speeds? I have tried the coiled bands on the kids when camping and wasn't impressed otherwise I could hang those around the interior. Preferably something that doesn't require flame ignition.
  4. New 4Runner Half-Door Kit

    Pretty sweet. Check out those cup holders!
  5. Anyone have Putco in channel window visors?

    I typically use AVS brand vent visors to allow for slightly open windows to let out vehicle heat but they have bad reviews for the JL. If anyone can comment on how well the windows roll up with the Putco brand that would be appreciated. We do not have auto up windows that can trip a sensor so...
  6. Suggestions for rear seat center armrest console addition?

    Does anyone make an armrest with cupholders for the center of the rear cloth seats? Our 4Runner had a fold down armrest that the kids used a lot. Universal is ok as long as it fits well. Hopefully I am using the correct terminology. This one below is on Amazon but shown in a Sequoia, not sure if...
  7. Irritating tire noise on grooved highways

    2022 JLU Sahara 6MT Goodyear Wrangler AT Adventure 255/70R18 at 38 psi Jeep has a soft top but honestly I don't think it's that loud inside on certain roads at highway speeds. On the interstate with grooves going in the direction of travel there is an awful high pitched whine that is driving me...
  8. Sahara Build: Opinions Wanted on Options

    This is for my Wife which will be replacing our 4Runner. She had a manual Liberty in the past and wants to row her own gears again as well as have a vehicle we can teach our boys to drive stick on. Not really purchasing for offroading, just high water scenarios from flooding and driving on the...