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  1. Love the sound of the 392! Matt's Off-Road Recovery takes one on a recovery

    Matt's Off-Road Recovery...rents a 392 Rubicon for his wife and takes it on a recovery. Just the sound of that engine makes me want to go out and buy one.
  2. Another Jeep electrical issue?

    Just watched the latest video from Matt's Off-road Recovery, rescuing a new Wrangler diesel on the Dollhouse road (which I have traveled). Apparently the starter on the Jeep engaged - and kept running till it failed. Has anyone else heard of this problem?
  3. Interesting read about Jeep dependability.......

    I'm one of the guilty ones who complains a lot on this forum about Wrangler dependability. Found this article tonight that puts a whole new face on the matter, authored by someone who has taken his Wrangler places most of us wouldn't even dream of trying...