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  1. Bikini Color differences

    Looks just like Hydro in that last pic.
  2. South Carolina WTB - JLU Stock Alpine Sub enclosure panel (only), passenger side

    If anyone has a sub enclosure that is unused I'd like to purchase it, must be in "like new" condition. All I need is the enclosure itself, no speaker/wiring needed. Please PM if you have something... Stellantis/Mopar only sells this panel as a complete replacement part. TIA for any help.
  3. Back Again Possibly… M3 to Rubicon 392?

    Mine's a '21 and yeah the stock pedal travel is suited to crawling stuff vs quick launches. I run a Banks Pedal Monster on mine to remove the pedal delay. That plus off-road + mode makes it much more fun to play with, almost violent when brake launching it. Fun stuff.
  4. Back Again Possibly… M3 to Rubicon 392?

    Keep the M3 for the DD and get the 392 for the "fun" car/truck/suv. I miss my E92 sometimes but the Jeep is much more fun/versatile for me. It was just too hard to have fun in the M3 on the street w/o doing stupid/illegal stuff.
  5. Stock Alpine Subwoofer Upgrade?

    You would just need the PAC Chrysler Sub interface mostly. Everything else would be (sort of) p-n-p from that point. Its a sub so wouldn't need much if anything else to tune it.
  6. "Jeep CEO Shocks All EV Car Makers!" -- says that EVs simply do not work for the majority of people

    Nothing new... all known EV issues for the past two decades or more. People just don't listen. The EV craze is a self-cancelling model the minute the environmentalists block the rare materials mining needed to sustain production. The world is run by greed crazed morons. Now I'll be first in...
  7. South Carolina Sold: PAC Audio AP4-CH41 Stereo Interface for '19-23 JL/JT 8.4" Radio. $225 shipped

    For Sale: PAC Audio CH41 Jeep interface for adding amplifiers, subs, additional components to the FCA 8.4" Stereo head unit. This item is a 2023 unit with current firmware, includes interface cables, speaker patch cables, sub volume knob/cable and the instruction book. Zelle, cashiers check or...
  8. South Carolina MB Quart 6.5' speaker pair and 6x9' coax speaker pair, $250 includes shipping

    For sale - these are MB Quart speaker pairs from their MBQJ-STG6 package. They come as-is in like new working and appearance condition. Timbre matched to my other MB Quart 3.5" speaker sale in the classifieds here... can finish out with MB Quart installation parts and save $$$ over their MSRP...
  9. South Carolina MB Quart 3.5" JL/JT Dash or Speaker Bar Set JC1-108, $100 shipped

    For sale - like new dash or speaker bar mid/tweeter set with JL/JT wiring adapters. Zelle, counter check or cash accepted if picked up locally. Pricing is firm. Please let me know if there are questions. TIA.
  10. South Carolina Infinity Reference 3/4" Tweeter set (2 pairs) For Sale $150/shipped

    I have a pair of tweeter sets (4 speakers in total), mounting cups/mounts and crossovers for sale. One set is used and in good condition and the other set is new, came pared with the Infinity Reference 6.5 component set (I just needed the 6.5" drivers). Includes shipping in the Continental USA...
  11. Considering low mileage CPO 392

    Yeppers... would like to figure out the splash screen sometime though, that can't be too hard to add.
  12. Speaker upgrade for alpine system

    I've moved to Infinity Reference stuff. I'm doing what I'd hoped not to do with the Wrangler install but it is what it is. I like the MBQ kit in principle but this kit needs more control options and my ears just have issues with a lot of the metal tweeters out there. Normally I'd do Kappa...
  13. Speaker upgrade for alpine system

    I’m parting mine out… have a set of the upper dash and rear 6x9” MBQs I’ll sell for cheap if needed. You’ll need the speaker bar mounting kit for the rears but they’ll all match. Swapping the lower dash 6.5s this weekend as well. Let me know if anyone wants them, all timber matched.
  14. Considering low mileage CPO 392

    Yep. Mine is a toy... last M3, couple motorcycles, etc... all low mileage resells. I would not worry about any low-mileage versions you find.
  15. Considering low mileage CPO 392

    These are toys too... lots of low mileage Jeeps/392s out there.
  16. Considering low mileage CPO 392

    No clue here honestly. They are all baseball cards IMO... some people are willing to pay crazy prices for them still. The 392s (so far) are not subject to all the market swings like the other JLUs, pretty immune. If you're really set on a 392 and can deal with the interior changes I'd recommend...
  17. Considering low mileage CPO 392

    Good point... make sure to buy something as stock as possible if you're counting on CPO or some other aftermarket warranty support post purchase.
  18. Considering low mileage CPO 392

    Yeah same here... the '21s seem to have a number of benefits if you can find one. There were (2) changes that I'm aware of: - Wheel sensor swap in June '21 (affected all JL/Us) - Oil pan change to stamped steel around August '21 build date. This moved the low-hanging drain bolt up and out of...
  19. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    With the radio format change I'd assume it may take the vendors a while to catch up with something that will work with it. On the flip side if the '24 still has the same Alpine amp/format the Maestro and other interfaces that plug into the amp side would likely still be compatible. No experience...
  20. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Yes if you do it at the amp level. The Jeep/Alpine Yes if you intercept the signal pre-Alpine amp stage. Both the PAC and DSR1/Maestro will do this with plug-n-play interfaces.