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  1. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    RIP Astro :crying:
  2. Has anyone been successful in FIXING 2018 2.0T with etorque COOLING/OVERHEATING ISSUES

    How was the install? Everything plug-n-play (except for the override inputs)?
  3. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    It relies on people submitting, or me searching. The list is never complete. This is missing the last number (before the AD).
  4. Experience & comparison of switching from 37's to 35's

    Yup. A stock height JLR on 35s has the same breakover angle as a 4-door on 37s & 2" lift.
  5. Tub Rail Cover

    OP hasn't been seen since 2021, and the thread bumper likely has a 4-door. I haven't seen any 2-door products for this, as usual. Once again the 2-door takes the backseat... ...takes the backseat out and into the garage where it belongs
  6. Tub Rail Cover

    AFE: https://afepower.com/afe-power-79-25001-terra-guard-tub-rail-covers
  7. 2019 2 Door Rubicon, Bikini - Discrete But Purposeful Build

    If you decide to keep the black, I think it would look good with the windshield frame wrapped in gloss black too.
  8. Lower a 2024 RubiconX

  9. Spring Rates

    Interesting that the heavy duty only starts at +8 lb/in more in the rear, ending in the exact same rate as the standard springs... but the fronts heavy duty is very different.
  10. Lower a 2024 RubiconX

    do it...
  11. (Yet Another) Lift/Spring Advice Thread

    I'm actually in the same boat... nobody makes a small lift for a 2-door, and I'd need about $280 in Teraflex spacers to achieve a 1.5" front/ 1.0" rear lift... not worth it for stacked spacers in my opinion. I can guess that you might have luck with XR 3.6/2.0 rear springs, which may be a...
  12. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    I put together all the Teraflex spacer options... they're really annoyingly sized. A 1.5" front /1.0 rear would be $280 at today's pricing. Part # Cost Front Rear 1155110 $24 0.5" 1155120 $35 0.5" 1155150 $58 0.5" 0.5" 1165100 $187 1.0" 1.5" 1165200 $187 2.0" 1.5"
  13. Spring Rates

  14. Spring Rates

    I know some people will disagree, but I don't see anything wrong using spacers to level the front/back if you don't need/want a higher spring rate.
  15. Spring Rates

    Correct. Rates given are how many pounds it takes to compress the spring 1" (lb./in.). Another common unit of measurement is kg/mm, but I've never seen Jeep springs with metric units. Assuming the spring isn't binding or beyond it's free length, this is exactly correct. While wire...
  16. Spring Rates

    interesting... I've read that the JKS 1.5" is 130 in the front... slightly higher than the 2.5"-3.5". I Really wish companies would stop trying to hide this info.
  17. Lower a 2024 RubiconX

    That will ensure bottoming out. OP should go stiffer when reducing bump travel.