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  1. Discreet air compressor install - 4xe

    Just when you think that's it this MF'er comes along and slaps that engine compartment idea in the dirt. Kudo's to you UNKNOWNSOLO.......
  2. Battery Died, What Battery Should I Buy?

    Who shit in your wheaties? I'd rather you just sit on your thumb and move on instead of responding with your BS internet search remark.
  3. Battery Died, What Battery Should I Buy?

    So what's the difference between AGM and Standard battery? Sams has the standard for $110 and AGM $184 when its back in stock.
  4. Royal Purple Engine Oil?

    Thanks, I figured it'd be just fine. My local Super Walmart was out of 0-20 in everything except one jug of RP.
  5. Royal Purple Engine Oil?

    Have there been any issues running Royal Purple 0-20?
  6. Temp Difference with Previous Pentastar

    It could be emissions related, have you compared the engine coolant temp between the two?
  7. Teraflex or Mopar lift shocks

    I have been running TeraFlex for a few years now, on the trail the jeep is very planted even when one side drops off meaning you don't get that mushy soft shock feel. When running on washboard roads at a decent speed the jeep is smoother than most but not tea on the dash smooth. I will say it is...
  8. Recommended KO2 Tire Pressure

    I run my 35" K02's load range E at 30psi in the summer and 32psi during the winter.
  9. How tough is it "really" to install your own Mopar lift kit?

    When in doubt reach out, look around for local Jeep clubs and I can guarantee you there will someone willing to help you out.
  10. Battery Tender

    Thanks, there are like ten billion X infinity worth of articles on here so I chose the simpleton approach and asked. Almost need a locked write up for these basics without ten trillion replies lol...
  11. Battery Tender

    If I hookup the battery tender to the main battery will that charge the aux battery? This is for my early 2018 JL, I think some changes have been made throughout the years. Any pictures you have would help with routing for clean installs.
  12. Lifts

    I live in Vegas but my mom's condo is in Cape Canaveral and faces the banana river. My July trip got canceled or I would bring out a level kit...
  13. Teraflex ST2 lift

    I have zero complaints with TeraFlex, everything has been perfect but it did take some time to balance out my tire pressure and shock settings.
  14. Lifts

    FOCUS, this thread is about budget friendly lift kits. And stop trashing other folks rides.....
  15. Lifts

    When I did all my shopping and research 99% of retailers had partial kits in stock with no guarantee when parts will be available. TeraFlex stepped up and shipped the basic 2.5" kit directly to my house, so far the kit has been perfect with zero issues. I off-road a lot but nothing extreme just...
  16. Jeep ranked 32nd? Dead Last?! Wow.

    My Jan 18' build has had one issue, power steering box that was replaced under the recall. The one thing that may be considered an issue is the touch screen, from time to time it will lock up or blue screen will appear until the unit self reboots. At these price points they should be perfect but...
  17. Stock to 2.5" TeraFlex Lift

    Oh yes, I wouldn't change a thing. The Jeep with this setup feels very balanced and planted on or off the trail. I have zero complaints, some other folks have hated on the brand and complained about a stiff ride. The one thing that takes time is dialing in the RIDE, balancing shocks and tire...
  18. Teraflex lift

    I went with Teraflex 2.5", at the time they were the only company to have a complete kit in stock and they also shipped directly to my house. I have zero complaints with my choice, the SP2 shocks absolutely rock especially off road and on the rocky trails depending what adjustments you choose...
  19. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    Well I love my Best Top and I keep it open even if it’s 115 outside. Top open windows down is my style but I have no plan to remove the doors.
  20. Teraflex 09-02-22-110-000 Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 versus Fox® Racing Shox 985-02-127 Performance Series 2.0

    My steerring has been updated and I decided to stick with the Teraflex, like others I was trying to fix or help the steering prior to having the updated box installed. Running my tires at 32psi and steering adjusted to medium I have almost zero wondering, I suppose there could be a little snake...