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  1. Xprite 36” Chase Light problem

    Tried installing this chase light bar today. Connected all wiring to the turn signals, reverse lights, and brake lights. Ops checked good. Then, once we connected the power cord (w/ integrated on-off, strobe function switch) to the battery, nothing worked. Ideas...
  2. RPM “flutter” when A/C is on.

    Has anyone noticed your RPM/engine “flutter” when the A/C is on? I’m not sure if it’s a result of the extreme Las Vegas heat, but when I’m at idle, the RPMs will rhythmically drop every 1-2 seconds. Should I take it in to the dealer?
  3. Roam Adventure Co. RTT Review

    So, we took our 6-month-old on her first camping trip, which was our first time using the Roam RTT. The setup is easy, like most RTTs. It got down to 46° during the night and we were comfortable and toasty with our sleeping bags. We tested the RTT at an official campground, so there were plenty...
  4. Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform + Maximus-3 mounts + Maximus-3 bolts + Roam RTT

    A few months ago my friend and I installed the @Rhino-Rack Pioneer using the @Maximus-3 mounting brackets (https://maximus-3.com/2018-jeep-wrangler-jl-jlu-roof-rack/maximus-3-jl-roof-rack-system-long). I liked that Maximus-3 had a system for the Pioneer on the market before Rhino Rack themselves...
  5. Broke my Batwing

    Welllll I thought it would be a GREAT idea to open up my Rhino Rack Batwing awning for the first time today, as we're going camping in 2 weeks and I didn't want that to be the first time I opened it. Well fuck I snapped a hinge right when I got it open. ‍♂️
  6. Roam Adventure Co. RTT

    I finally pulled the trigger on ordering an RTT. Hundreds of hours of YouTube research, yada yada. I went back and forth countless times, added multiple tents to carts online without checking out. I decided on Roam Adventure Co. out of Austin, TX. I know they're all basically the same (minus...
  7. Heep Wrangler

    Hopefully no one here is pictured! :LOL: https://www.reddit.com/r/heep/
  8. Hammock tie-down?

    I have the Mopar rails up on my hardtop, and a Hennessy Hammock that I've used since they were released. Y'all think I can tie one end of the hammock to the rail and be ok? I know the rail's weight rating, but that's not considering the lateral pull of a hammock.
  9. The Quadratec magazine

    Quadratec is my go-to site, but just how awesome is the Jeep magazine they send you? It's like the old Sears Christmas catalog. :clap:
  10. Hi-Lift hood mounts...safe?

    Hey y'all, I really like the look of the hood mounted hi-lift jacks, but one random comment in a Youtube video questioned the safety of it: a big hunk of metal, ready to either fly in your face or fly forward in a crash. Any thoughts?
  11. 37" Jeepers: what have you done/not done to accommodate?

    For those w/ 37" tires, aside from a lift, what have you done/not done to accommodate them? I have read countless posts and viewed numerous videos about re-gearing, bigger brakes, etc. etc. For those of you who HAVEN'T done those "extras", any comments?
  12. Nevada [SOLD!] Rubicon Wheels/Tires

    Next week these will be available. 5x Rubicon Wheels/BFG K02s. ~7400 miles on them. $1200 local pick-up.
  13. SHAC's Sting-Gray Rubisue Build

    Here is where I'll chronicle my slow-going, modest Rubicon build. Modifications so far: Warn VR-10S Winch Warn Epic Winch Hook Mopar Winch Guard Mopar 7" Offroad LEDs Mopar grab handles 67 Designs rail mount/phone mount Quadratec quick-disconnect antenna mount Quadratec stubby antenna...
  14. Nevada 37" snow chains, never used

    Hey y'all, I still have a set of snow chains (and tensioner) from my Denali. Never used. They fit 37" tires. $200 OBO, plus shipping.
  15. Jeep head-on collision w/ semi...all survived

    Yikes. https://www.boston25news.com/news/18-year-old-seriously-injured-when-jeep-collides-with-semi-bursts-in-to-flames/911169494
  16. Morons take on a 4/10 trail.

    Found this gem earlier. Nice Tacoma needs a shitty spotter to go over pebbles (this trail really only needs a spotter on 2-3 places). They also cut a few branches off a tree at a very easy turn.
  17. Great local resource for trails

    I've used this site for many years for hiking, but now that I have the Rubi, it's an even more useful resource. www.birdandhike.com
  18. Most expensive upgrade ever.

  19. Rocky Gap Road

    Well, holy shit. Although I've been off-road before in my previous F-250 and Denali 3500, a few days ago my Jeep buddy and I tackled Rocky Gap Road w/ our JLURs for what I would learn is ACTUAL off-roading. We attacked it from the Pahrump side, since the Red Rock Scenic Loop was closed due to...
  20. Flowmaster Outlaw Cat-back Exhaust

    My buddy and I installed the Flowmaster Outlaw Cat-back Exhaust today. The instructions provided online and in the box were more than sufficient. Holy hell. Just like their site says, this thing is LOUD: a great loud, rumble. Just like other posts have said regarding the axle-back, the drone...