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  1. Another visit to Moab

    Nice, dude - "If there was no viewpoint I don’t think I’d do it again. The 5 miles is about my limit of crawling without some kind of break". I agree. I don't think the trail itself is all that interesting; it's about that highpoint.
  2. Another visit to Moab

    Wheel rash does not count as damage on a Rubicon. It's Proof of Authenticity. ;)
  3. Two Forum Members Take on Holy Cross

    Nice. Post some pics/report. I hope it's a good trip. I might finally make the pilgrimage to that area next summer. Poughkeepsie is on my list. Probably some of the Alpine Loop stuff, too, though I kind of fear the traffic and hordes of tourons...
  4. Jeep "Clubs" and other thoughts.

    You know... the irony of your profile pic being a Jeep sitting in a parking lot.... is outstanding.
  5. Two Forum Members Take on Holy Cross

    I am the LAST person who is going to get access shut down. I participate in many other wilderness activities and have a FAR stronger leave-no-trace, stay-the-trail ethic than most people I see on OHV trails, which is going to have the greatest impact on access. SXSs and tourists renting Jeeps...
  6. Two Forum Members Take on Holy Cross

    Nope! My Jeep goes to the body shop in a couple of days to finally get the last of the Holy Cross damage repaired. It will be solidly two months from trail run to date all repairs completed. I'm out for this trail for a few years, at least!
  7. Two Forum Members Take on Holy Cross

    Hahahaha, this whole thing... @Xorak trail guide watches video and wants to yell at the person in the video. Maybe this is why I would never pay a guide to go with me when I want to go do something fun. Not while kayaking, not while climbing, not while Jeeping. Let me pay you to yell at me...
  8. Technical challenge and awesome views

    Not as dramatic as some of my recent trips, but feel free to ride along for some techy spots and some great views - and spot the Pathfinder standing almost straight up!
  9. Two Forum Members Take on Holy Cross

    That's awesome! I'm really not happy about that red Jeep slipping and breaking the tail light etc.--it will be in the body shop for more than two weeks pretty soon to get that fixed-- but I am really happy it proved instructional and maybe saved someone else some damage. Glad you made it clean...
  10. Two Forum Members Take on Holy Cross

    Yeah... that sounds terrible. I've had days like that on the river, where it becomes all survival and danger management, and no more fun.
  11. Full time transfer case in rubicon x?

    Yep. I keep my 22 Rubi in 2H 90% of the time. On the trail, 4H or more likely 4L. I only put it in 4H-auto on snow days or sometimes in heavy rain.
  12. Another visit to Moab

    Hell's will be a breeze. TotW will be a challenge.
  13. Another visit to Moab

    Nice. Jealous. My XR will be at the shop having the trail damage from Holy Cross repaired. Next Moab for me will be... late September?
  14. Full time transfer case in rubicon x?

    Yes, I have a Rock-Trac with full-time 4wd on my rubi, and I have CV joints.
  15. Full time transfer case in rubicon x?

    I don't know what the MY'24 configurations are. There's no reason you couldn't get the 4H-auto t-case with a manual. Whether Jeep offers it/which configurations are restricted, I dunno. It's been 16 months since I was in the ordering/building game. (Also, the manual Jeeps come with an...
  16. Full time transfer case in rubicon x?

    And to clarify, if you get a Rubi with the full-time 4WD 4H-auto option, it's still a Rock-trac. It just has an extra position. On my window sticker, it says 4:1 Rock-Trac(R) Heavy-Duty Full-Time 4WD System.
  17. Full time transfer case in rubicon x?

    Yeah, to clarify - you're getting a Rubicon transfer case with an extra position. You have the same 2H, 4H, and 4L, but you also have 4H-auto (full-time), as Reinen explained it. It's an excellent upgrade, in my opinion, for anyone who drives in mixed winter conditions. I had a 21 rubi with the...
  18. 2024 Willys XR

    Good luck! I ordered in the spring of last year. It was a painful process; thankfully it feels like a long time ago now.
  19. 2024 Willys XR

    3 to four months from order to delivery is totally the norm. Mid-July order? Get comfy. Try to think about other things. Don't check the tracker every day. Don't check it for like a couple weeks. You will be happier.