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  1. Good body shops in the Salt Lake area?

    My daughter's new Jeep was just involved in an accident in the Salt Lake area. For those that live there, do you know of any good body shops in the area that deal with Jeeps and can restore them back to factory specs?
  2. Let’s see your July 4th Jeep parade photos

    My favorite part of the 4th of the July parade is the Jeeps. Did you take pics of any today? If so, let’s see them.
  3. Call me crazy, but since I use my air compressor more than a winch...

    Since the eTorque battery took up my ARB air tank space underneath the Jeep, and since I don't plan on running a winch in the near future, I decided to install the 1 gallon air tank and air coupler in my front bumper. Incase I decide to install a winch later, I only drilled holes in the bumper...
  4. Wiring Portable ARB compressor to Aux button??

    I am converting my portable ARB Twin compressor to an on-board air system and am looking for some advice on wiring it into the factory Aux buttons. The plug for the on/off switch coming out of the ARB Twin compressor has a black, red, and purple wire. The problem is that every ARB Twin wiring...
  5. Dream Jeep build

    This is how the Wrangler should look from the factory and how I hope to build mine over the next few years. 😍 With my tax return I want to start with the grill. Anyone know what brand it is?
  6. Heavy Duty Ball Joints

    I am looking at replacing my ball joints (37" tires) and am curious what others are using or what the general thought is on these brands. TeraFlex ($299.99) Dynatrac ($629.00) Synergy ($300.00) Dana ($450.10) Metalcloak ($699) American Iron ($549.99)
  7. Any ARB 1 Gallon Air Tank users out there?

    If you are using an ARB Air Tank with your onboard air setup, where and how did you mount your tank?
  8. How much do you pay for your Jeep registration?

    I just paid my yearly 2021 JLUR vehicle registration in Southern California....$535. How much is it in your city/state?
  9. 0-60 collection

    If you can do so safely and responsibly, add a video of your 0-60 along with your specs and I will add your information to this cover page. Name Jeep Model Engine Trans Gear Ratio Tire Size 0-60 Time @kah.mun.rah 2021 JLUR 3.6L ET Auto 4.10 37" 8.5s @Bowhunter23 2022 JLUR...
  10. Front Axle, build it or buy it?

    Assuming you start with a Rubicon front axle, which option are you, and why? A: Pay $3,500 to re-build your front axle with HD ball joints, chromoly axle shafts, re-gear, yoke, and axle truss. B: Sell your stock axle for $2,500 and then pay the extra $3,500 for an assembled Dynatrac ProRock...
  11. How much did your replacement windshield cost?

    I just cracked my windshield. Quote is $1,186 because of the adaptive cruise/collision warning. JLs that don't have the Advanced Safety package are only $369. Does the $1,186 sound about right or do I need to keep shopping? If you have replaced yours with the Advanced Safety, how much did it...
  12. Are you coming to Jeep Bash this year?

    September, 10, 2022 Bolsa Chica Beach, CA http://www.jeep-bash.com/
  13. Favorite Jeep book(s)?

    What Jeep books do you have that you recommend? The ones by Paul Bruno are some of my favorites. “The Original Jeeps in Pictures” “The Original Jeeps” “The First Jeep”
  14. Jeeps in the office

    In your office, tell me you are a Jeep fan without actually telling me you are a Jeep fan
  15. Gen 2 Rockslide Engr step slider skids for free

    If you are in SoCal, have a JLU with Gen 2 Rockslide Engineering step sliders, and want a free set of their skid plates, let me know.
  16. Dealer installed alarm system connected to what?!

    So...I bought a 2021 Wrangler with a dealer installed alarm system. Trouble is they connected one of wires to the door harness wires. The door can now not be removed without cutting the wire. I have no idea what will happen if I cut the wire but am afraid that if the system is active and I do...
  17. 6x6

    Would you buy one of these 6x6 and if so, how much would you pay?
  18. California Sold: Rock rails from a 2021 JLUR

    Free. Local pick-up Irvine, CA
  19. Damaged stock JL tailgate from bigger spare tire?

    There is a lot of speculation around how much weight a stock JL tailgate and hinge can hold and most of us will reinforce them to be proactive when going to a larger tire; however, is there anyone out there that took a risk with their stock JL tailgate and hinges and actually had anything fail...
  20. Last Chance Canyon (Sat 5/21)

    Raise your hand if you'll be there too.