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  1. I am suspicious

    https://instagram.com/veteransuicideawarenessjeep?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== If this guy is honest then it's a different story, but there's a lot about this situation that doesn't pass my sniff test. What do you all think?
  2. Casey Currie talks about his Drift Jeep Build

    Casey posted a video detailing everything they did in order to make a Jeep drift for events. It's pretty cool. I didn't realize that it was converted to 2wd.
  3. Metalcloak giveaway.

    Anybody else watching this? Hoping someone here will be able to win some gear.
  4. Western Wrangler Package

    I've had this question for a while. Why doesn't Jeep make a Western package for the Wrangler, and especially the Gladiator? Something akin to the King Ranch, or Longhorn for the trucks. The Wrangler has its roots in the west even with the name and early graphics embraced that. Take the new...
  5. PowerBass 7"

    Looking for a speaker that I can use with the factory Alpine amp. Came across these on Crutchfield. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_151OE700/PowerBass-OE-700.html They are called 7" but they only require 5 15/16" cut out. So I think that they might work with the Metra pods. I'm pretty happy...
  6. Daystar 2" lift

    I just finished installing the Daystar 2"lift. It is a spacer lift, but what sets it apart from the others is that it even includes a set of front lower control arms. Other than that it includes the same kit as most of the competition. 2" spacers front and back, extended bump stops, longer sway...
  7. Possible positive of Covid 19

    No Chinese workers in the factories means that they aren't making anymore "angry grills" right now.
  8. First real problem with our JLUR. Service 4wd light unable to engage sway bar

    First real issue with our JL last night. We went to the beach on SPI, and as we were leaving the island we went to the car wash to get the salt and sand off. A few minutes down the road from the car wash the service 4wd light came on along with the unable to engage sway bar. I've heard of other...
  9. Rebate

    https://carbuzz.com/news/jeep-tried-but-failed-to-keep-this-wrangler-discount-a-secret This just popped up on my Google update info, so I thought I'd pass it along. Might help someone, might be bogus, I don't know