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  1. In your opinion what are the best all around tire for regular driving and snow/slippery conditions?

    So an AT will probably be better than an RT or an MT.
  2. In your opinion what are the best all around tire for regular driving and snow/slippery conditions?

    Since you added mud and snow, I will suggest an RT tire. I just went with the Kenda RT's in a 35X10.5 R17 which fit my stock wheels. They should excel in mud, rocks, deep snow...all of which I drive in. They probably are NOT as good in rain BUT today I drove home in the rain and had no issues...
  3. New Kenda RT 35X10.5 R17

    MPG update on the new 35" Kenda RT 35X10.5R17 tires. -Just did a small road trip of 330 miles -Mainly highway but some towns as well. -Max highway speed was 73 mph, min was 50. -JLURD w/ mopar lift & did not regear. -I got 20.43 mpg over about 230 of those miles -And 22.178 mpg over the last...
  4. Jeep and Merrell announce a limited-edition hiking boot and a Wrangler giveaway

    Merrell and Jeep® Brand Release Special-edition Hiking Boot, Collaboration to Preview at NAIAS The outdoor footwear brand also announced a Jeep® Wrangler giveaway to kick off the collaboration September 13, 2023 , Rockford, Mich. - Merrell, the world's leading hike and outdoor footwear brand...
  5. Pizza Cutter Size List & Appreciation Thread

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger. I did forget to add to this thread until today. New Kenda RT 35X10.5 R17 | Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) -- Rubicon, 4xe, 392, Sahara, Sport - JLwranglerforums.com
  6. New Kenda RT 35X10.5 R17

    - THEY fill the wheel wells a little better than the stock BFG K02 AT's (33's) did. - THEY tuck into the wheel wells quite nicely! - I gained 1 1/8" ground clearance (diff to ground). - MY tire guy said that they didn't balance very easily. - CHALK testing has me at 28 cold and up to 30...
  7. Beginner Level GMSR Radio Recommendation

    On the GMRS note, I went portable/waterproof. I run open from April-Halloween. Typically, the only time I use a "radio" is when on trips, so a permanent mount was not desired and a portable was a cost savings as well. Reception was fantastic on our Moab trip and on the passes in Colorado. I...
  8. Metalcloak rear bumpers for JL?

    2 1/4 or 2 5/16ths depending on the angle I look at it...IF you are asking about the width of the red arrow area.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I took delivery. Installation day will be 9-7-23. Jumped up to 35's and dropped down to 10.5 wide. Kenda Klever RT's
  10. Jeep "Clubs" and other thoughts.

    WOW, lots in this post. I say LIVE & LET LIVE! To a specific or 2: I keep a toy on my dash. My current is a JLU. She has a name but not on her (yet?). Does that make me one of "THEM"? -My toy is a small jeep that my only son bought for me. -My sticker on the front fender is from a Jeep club...
  11. The efficacy of using a battery-operated chainsaw vs a gas model (when needed) offroad.

    If you are wondering if it is worth taking a battery-operated chainsaw on a wheeling trip (when appropriate of course) vs a fuel saw, I will tell you to definitely consider it! I am not going to go into the advantages and disadvantages of both (yep-of both), I am just going to discuss how...
  12. Considering Buying the EcoDiesel. Owner Thoughts Wanted

    Are you looking for a used one or new (as long as they will be available, that is)? I see in your signature you have already ordered a new 2024 sport. I love mine. A compliment I was given when in Moab by a fellow JP'r was that all I would need is a small lift and mine should be able to keep...
  13. Would you rather

    I do know that. Snowed on in April and October a time or 2. Thank goodness for waterproof seat covers :)
  14. Would you rather

    Funny you mention that. They arrive next week: Kenda Klever RT 35X10.5 R17...Pizza Cutters baby! I had to get a bit of life out of the OEM AT's before I could justify new skins. I hope to sell the old ones for a little bit of cash.
  15. Would you rather

    You forgot an option: Run half doors, bikini top, on a daily driver from April-Halloween in the cold climes of NW Iowa...The weather be damned!
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Mundane but enjoyable, nonetheless. Just had to dry off the driver's seat and continue on to work.