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  1. ID a part. Please. Thank you.

    Local Jeeper is asking. I've never seen it before. He's saying "2839" is stamped on it. I'm coming up with nothing. Thanks in advance. Zeke
  2. FAD on separate switch

    Hello, I'm not too electrical, but crafty. I am sick of all the nannys not letting me disconnect or engage things with my 4 wheel drive. I got the dreaded "serv 4wd" light and used the Tazer mini to turn off the FAD, and both lockers. Not too concerned with wiring up the rear locker. The new...
  3. New Jersey Sold: CE-9818CA - JL JOHNNY JOINT ADJUSTABLE CONTROL ARM SET used 4 months $600

    I went with a MetalCloak long arm kit. They were on my Jeep less than 6 months. Link to product. CE-9818CA - JL Johnny Joint Adjustable Control Arm Set (rockjock4x4.com) I will take pics of mine in the next few days.
  4. New Jersey Sold: Dana 44 AdvanTEK OEM rear axle tube off a 2019 JLUR $800 OBRO

    Priced to sell. Local sale preferred. Shipping will cut into your savings. I am at 08550. You do the math and freight shipping calculations. Rear AdvanTEK D44 axle with Dana Spicer chromoly axle shafts and Yukon 4:88 R&P. OEM locker. Not abused. Splines are straight. See attached pics. I...
  5. New Jersey OEM JLUR rock rails. Now $40, was $60.

    They are in mint condition. Just dirty. I had the Ace Sliders protecting them. (ACE Sliders in the pic are sold) PIck up preferred. I am in 08850. Shipping will deflate the deal.
  6. New Jersey Sold: 5- 37X12.50-17 Cooper STT Pros on Mopar Satin Offroad wheels $800

    They came off my 2019 JLUR. The tires have "life" in them and the wheels have some rock rash except one lucky one that only has a nick. LOL Pick up preferred. Shipping will negate the great deal. I'm gonna list in the local NJ FB MP and CRGLst too. Thanks for stopping by. Check out the...
  7. Half door storage

    Just wondering how you guys with half doors are storing the lower half. I bought the JK bag for the tops. My full doors can hang on ARC hangers. I am currently just leaning them against the wall at this point. Thanks for your suggestions. Photos would be a plus.
  8. Rubi Lockers Question

    Okay. I've mentioned this before, and everyone has told me theirs work fine. I was again out wheeling this Friday. I could not get it into rear locker only after I used front and rear for an obstacle needing both lockers. I like to run just the rear to give me better steering. It will...
  9. Blue or Red Door?

    I personally would not go back and do everything I did again from the past 3 years. I made a few mistakes and did stuff twice and spent more money that I should have, but I'll take the Blue door and the $5K for more parts. LOL
  10. Ghosted by Poison Spyder

    Hi all, I'm a reasonable person. I purchased the frame mounted spare tire carrier from Poison Spyder thru the local 4WD store at the end of July. The packaging was great, no issues at first. I get everything installed and it didnt feel right. It turned out PS never installed the races in the...
  11. New Jersey Sold: Cosmetic damaged JLU Hard Top $350 LOCAL PU preferred.

    I have a Hard Top from my 2019 JLUR. I am positive it will fit all JLUs. I leaned hard onto a tree last winter and smashed the drip rails on the freedom top and the leading edge of the main top. All damage is on the passenger side and after applying some silicone, it was dry inside for the...
  12. I have a Rubi and would like to connect my lockers on seperate toggles.

    I'm guessing there are too many nannies on the locker mechanism for my liking. I would like to lock and unlock individual axles with a simple flick of a lever. Currently, I cant get it to unlock the front for rear only when both are engaged or unlock completely while on an obstacle...
  13. New Jersey Stock axle shafts off 2019 JLUR $100

    Front and rear OEM axle shafts off a 4 door Rubi $100. Splines are straight. Great for spares or replacing yours. I rather not ship. I'm in 08550 NJ We can work a deal if you really want me to ship. Keep in mind they are heavy and would cost @ $150-$200 to ship depending where youre located...
  14. LiteBrite puts out new YT video

    Awesome video explaining how they started 3 years ago to where they are now. Inspirational to people just starting out on YT. I know I'm helping them get more views. Kevin is a good dude.
  15. New Jersey Sold: OEM LED Fender marker lights $50

    I have a set of OEM LED fender markers off my 2019 Rubi. They are fully functional. I will ship at your cost. I am at 08550 and the box will be 4"x 15" x 4" at 10lbs. You figure out shipping cost.
  16. New Jersey Sold: 3rd Gen Mopar 2in lift springs and Fox shocks take offs $400

    I took off the Mopar lift off my 2019 Rubicon Unlimited with hardtop, steel bumper and tow package. I had just under 3in of lift. The shocks are not dented or leaking. Lift height will vary on model and if on a 2 door. $400 for the 4 springs and 4 shocks. (1 Fox shock goes for more than...
  17. New Jersey Sold: Rear Steel Bumper $180

    I have a rear steel bumper from my JLUR. It should fit all JLs. Currently, I am using the license plate insert, so it is not included in the sale. I rather not ship. Thx for looking.
  18. New Jersey Used OEM Drive Shafts off JLUR $100 each or $180 for both

    I replaced them recently. Boots intact and no dents. Great to have as spares. Salvage yards are selling them for $200 a piece. I'll include the flanges and bolts. I believe they fit all JLUs. Prefer pick up, but I will package and ship from 08550 at your dime.
  19. New Jersey Sold: Used Quadratec Aluminum skids $250

    I have a set of used Q skids with cross members. All hardware included. Some trail rash, hence the incredible sale price. Still very functional. Q states this is specific to a 3.6L 4 Door. (I'm thinking they could fit a 3.6L 2 door) If you have a 2 door 3.6L and near Central Jersey, come by...
  20. Reid Racing Knuckle Q?

    Just wanted to know if anyone cut or is thinking of cutting the driver's side drag link appendage on their Reid Racing Knuckle. I believe it is for right hand drive vehicles and wont affect anything. Oddly, its causing me some anxiety. Would there be an issue if removed? Thanks.