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  1. Tire tread life?

    The spare will eventually get tire rot. You're also assuming that you'll never get a different size of tire. Sorry, but that sounds boring.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That's my theory, but we've put 24k on ours in 18 months. Close to zero commute miles, but man, we've done a crapload of road trips in it, almost all of them to do off roading.
  3. Tire tread life?

    To add to what @NWJeepr said: you'll get about 20% more life out of your tires if you also rotate the spare. My first JLUR burned through its KO2s to the point where I was thinking I needed to replace them at 18k. My latest JLURD seems to be doing well with the same type of tire (37s this time...
  4. Brakes

    Any thoughts on how your driving characteristics might be impacting that? Like lots of hills where you're not downshifting, left foot braking, etc.?
  5. Brakes

    Sorry, my brain goes severely OCD when people post details like that. Yeah, those brakes look impressive. I wish they weren't quite as significant of a hit to the budget, but oh well.
  6. 2024 2 door Rubicon X, deal or no deal?

    Make sure to compare it to what dealers are offering for custom builds in my sig.
  7. Brakes

    You're assuming that the entire diameter of the brake (and not just what's being touched by pads) is braking surface area. That's an invalid assumption, right?
  8. Brakes

    The area of a circle is Pi * r squared. Then you subtract the area of the inner circle that isn't part of the braking surface. I'm assuming 2" of braking surface, so that comes out to a total difference of 9.24% for the fronts...correct?
  9. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    My wife is the opposite. Bears are fine, but there's rattlesnakes in the desert.
  10. Rubicon Sky One Touch Problem - not tight - lifting at high speeds

    You're right: that's not normal. Hopefully the dealership will be able to resolve it for you.
  11. Backordered!

    Yeah, I've got the Rubicon badge and I should be getting the two others that we did last week (Poughkeepsie Gulch and Rocky Gap) in the mall. It's the seven that we'd already done & received that got scattered on the road somewhere. My wife says that she found a way to reorder replacements for...
  12. Brakes

    Assuming that the braking surface is ~2" wide, don't the fronts have ~9% more surface area instead of 17? It's still significant, but not quite that much.
  13. The Jeep Badge of Honor Trails and Your Personal Experience.

    Basically electric fencing across the front of their doors.
  14. Backordered!

    Excellent! On a slightly less positive note: my wife apparently had our seven badges sitting on the rock sliders prior to us heading to the Rubicon. Now I've got to replace them since they're gone.
  15. The Jeep Badge of Honor Trails and Your Personal Experience.

    Last week in Lake Tahoe was the first time that I'd seen electric protection on front doors. The bears are really bad out there. We met up with a guy in a Taco on the Rubicon that had all of his food taken by a bear. That night a momma bear was teaching her cub how to do the same in our camp...
  16. Regrets... I've had a few... What's Yours?

    When I read that I was wondering how to activate normal cruise instead of adaptive. I guess I've never seen the need to use normal cruise over adaptive.
  17. Warn Zeon vs Warn Evo

    Woah, those differences are pretty significant.
  18. Any limp mode fixes or bypasses in 2023? Electronic stability control issues with Ecodiesel engine

    I'm pretty sure that it's still somewhat drivable when the "service electronic stability control" message comes up. Maybe yours was a different type of failure? Note that turning our wheels lock to lock, then addressing the resultant off-center steering wheel seems to have resolved this for us.
  19. Why Not to Get Sky One Touch Roof?

    They don't? Maybe that a Rubicon thing?