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  1. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    Mine is still in the shop, today is day 26. Heard that Service shifter module didn't fix the issue and they are giving me an update 8/6 on what they are going to try next. Still seems intermittent without really being able to pinpoint what the cause is.
  2. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    I'm having the same issues, here's my timeline, still waiting to see if "Power steering module" replacement actually fixes anything. My guess is no, since the computer issues seemed to trigger that as a symptom not a cause. Pretty disappointing since I've just bought this Jeep and its under 3k...
  3. New 2018 JLUR, Start/Stop, Check Engine, Power Steering

    This should be lemon law at this point right? Its been in the shop more than 30 days in the first year and multiple attempts at fix?
  4. My 2018 JLUR Lemon story

    I am in the exact same boat here: 1. Purchased new 2018 JL Rubicon May 15. 2. At 2,000 miles service shifter error plus traction control error, completely locked power steering. (June 17) 3. Took it to shop, dealer said needed two software updates but there was like 30 error codes thrown...