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  1. California 2023 Jeep Rubicon Wheels w/BFG 285/70R17 Tires - New - Price Drop

    hi do you have this in the van nuys warehouse by any chance? I know it says C.M but maybe they got moved lol
  2. California FS Rubicon Takeoff Wheels and Tires (Sac/Roseville)

    They fit..did this when I got.some takeoffs
  3. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Question and please don't make fun lol so I bought Rubicon take offs for my sport s JL back in late 2018 (steel bumpers and all) and never installed them. Work got super busy and no joke, I've been working 68-72 hours a week since then. I finally have time off on the weekends and just got back...
  4. Suspension Installs

    Exactly where? Theres a well reviewed shop in North Hills in the SFV. I was going to get my rubi take offs installed there but that's when they just came out and I thought it was a bit pricey for a simple job that I could of done. A full kit install might be worth it...if I remember correctly it...
  5. A/C not working properly

    Sucks they cant see what's the problem...have u. Checked the fuse box and make sure all the fuses are seated properly? Mine had 7-8k miles when it happened....I'm almost at 20k and it hasn't happened again
  6. A/C not working properly

    Hey, late response but mine got fixed by itself. And hasn't happened ever since. Dealer didnt do anything since they couldnt replicate the issue.
  7. Android Auto. Anyone with the update?

    Got the update, looks a bit different due to lack of screen area but still great
  8. Noise From Dash

    Do u have the floor plugs still there? I was going crazy for 3 days because I kept hearing some buffing sound and thought the soft top got damaged....then I saw one plug wasn't fully in....pushed it in and sound is gone lol
  9. Android Auto. Anyone with the update?

    Looks really nice! I wonder if the 7" will look the same
  10. Android Auto. Anyone with the update?

    Has anyone gotten the update for android auto? I forced the update through a trusted apk file but my uconnect seems the same. Idk if FCA has to do something on their end but I'm pretty sure it runs from our cellphones.
  11. Fender rivets

    I installed the switches myself and when I removed the rivets, I pulled them out with a plastic trim removal tool...but do it gently. The rivets u got are the ones u need, idk about the size thou
  12. Georgia 2018 JL 2 Door Sport 9k miles 35s Lift Motobilt Extras

    Great deal tbh...itll sell just give it time...that's a bad ass looking Jeep
  13. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    What size kayaks are those? I dont mind doing that lol
  14. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Link please? Cant seem to find it
  15. Miller Jeep Trail

    Thanks for the tip...I'll check it out and give it a try soon...finding the time is my first priority right now :headbang:
  16. When shifting into drive from park

    I tried that before letting it warmed up and didnt work....In a manual I know itll work cuz I test drove one off the lot with delivery miles(4) since people dont like manuals now just on the auto no, unless you've let it idle for at leas 30 seconds in hot weather...cold u gotta leave it...
  17. When shifting into drive from park

    This sums up what I learned about this trans here. It makes a huge difference to remote start(if u got the option) and hop in 3-4 minutes after if it's cold or a minute if its hot, change gears, disengage the ebrake.....no thump and if any its minimal...I honestly doubt that thump which I think...
  18. California SOLD: JLUR Firecracker red front & rear fenders (LED DRL) - $199

    Hello, any update on the status of these?