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  1. Tesla teased Wrangler rival

    Roof comes off too... https://t.co/s8YNnu7m9L https://www.autoblog.com/2020/10/05/tesla-roof-flies-off-build-quality-control/
  2. HVAC blower fan upgrade?

    With just the freedom panels off, at around 60mph and the heater on max temperature and blower dialed to 7 (max?), the heat doesn't make it far enough to touch the face of the front seat riders (mode was face-only, and rear vents were also closed). The heat is there and the vents are too hot to...
  3. Will this be the Bronco's true competitor?

    True competitor to the Bronco because... they both ripped off the Wrangler :CWL:
  4. WNH Edition JL Club Thread

    This is a thread for those who wait for JL editions that Will Never Happen.
  5. New Defender cr@ps itself versus a Jeep on trail

    Start of the common pattern... 07:40 New Defender struggles over obstacle and needs help 09:40 “Bits of Land Rover" on the rocks Repeat for rest of video
  6. Pics of JLU doors off, door surrounds on, soft-top down?

    Does anyone have photos of a JLU with doors off, door surrounds on, factory soft-top down? (Windshield up) Thanks!
  7. JL gasoline particulate filter?

    Does anyone know if the gasoline engine options for the JL have a Gasoline Particulate Filter since the engines are Euro 6 compliant? On a slightly related/relatable concern, this poor guy just splurged on a brand new Defender and made 10 miles from the dealership... Edit: The guy has made...
  8. How many breathers and where are they?

    Hi everyone, I want to get my breathers extended and have two questions: 1. How many breather hoses are there under the body? (I know the rear diff has one) 2. Where are they located? (I only know where the rear diff breather is) Thanks!
  9. Show your custom fabricated interior mods

    Post pics and stories of your one of a kind interior mods that you made or you got made just for your JL! (No off the shelf mods available to mere mortals) Also see custom fab exterior mods thread.
  10. Show your custom fabricated exterior mods

    Post pics and stories of your one of a kind exterior mods that you made or you got made just for your JL! (No off the shelf mods available to mere mortals) Also see custom fab interior mods thread.
  11. Backup camera upgrade

    Anyone tried upgrading the backup camera to maybe a higher quality one or something that gives a wider view? (I mean replacing the stock camera rather than adding a secondary one or getting a Tazer which will also mow my lawn?) ;) Thanks
  12. A Mercedes G63 gets owned by a Tata

    These tug o wars don't mean anything... except this time
  13. Australian V41 recall steering damper fix

    Has anyone in any state had their V41 recall done? You can check if the recall applies to you by entering your VIN to this site... https://www.mopar.com/en-us/my-vehicle/recalls/search.html I'm still waiting on mine since July and the dealership said they don't have the parts.
  14. Part number for windshield bolts?

    Does anyone know the part number of the bolts that hold up the windshield? (The ones you take off to fold the windshield)? Anyone? Thanks Jeepers!
  15. Pedestrian warning hood vent?

    Does anyone know why one of the hood bezel designs say 'with pedestrian warning'? https://www.quadratec.com/p/mopar/hood-air-inlet-bezel-jl-jt- Is it to do with the openings or is it related to different trims? Thanks
  16. Bushfire hazard

    Hot exhaust piping setting fire things underneath is nothing new and it can happen with other vehicles too. But Jeeps do go off-road more than others and when you do, just make sure you don't park on anything dry or flammable. Out of curiosity, any idea if this would be covered by insurance...
  17. Do you wish Mopar made half doors and uppers for the JL?

    This is what would would have looked like (watch from 5:57 and warning to headphone users...) Please vote and make your voices be heard!
  18. Outside of North America WTB Factory painted white front fenders

    Looking to buy front fenders painted bright white from factory off a Sahara or a Rubicon, in like new condition. Needs to be shipped (will pay for shipping and handling). Please privately message me if interested. Thanks.
  19. Outside of North America WTB stock plastic bumper Sahara/Rubicon

    Looking for a stock front plastic bumper in good condition from a Sahara or Rubicon with tow hooks. Needs to be packed for shipping. Will pay for handling and shipping. Please message me privately if interested. Thank you.
  20. Where to order stock Rubi front bumper with tow hooks

    This is a non-issue for you US folks but I can't find anyone in the US with a take off stock rubicon front bumper who's willing to post/ship locally, much less overseas. So my question... from where can I order the stock/plastic front Rubicon bumper with tow hooks and LED fog lights, ideally...