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  1. Wrangler 392 Nearly Flips at Moab EJS 2023

    Not the first time I have heard that haha. Mercedes killed the S63 coupe so this was my other choice!
  2. Wrangler 392 Nearly Flips at Moab EJS 2023

    Yes sir. 0-60 in 2.7 seconds is pretty crazy though. I will have another jeep soon enough
  3. Wrangler 392 Nearly Flips at Moab EJS 2023

    Haha I’ll never live this one down.
  4. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Sweet. X7 is a great ride. I miss my 392 but the M8 is a different kind of fast. And as GT car surprisingly comfortable. Love my interior too. The whole dash is alcantara. The wife’s GLE 53 coupe is an all Nappa Leather dash and let me tell you. I’ve never seen all Alcantara for a dash but it’s...
  5. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Haha true but age is relative. I feel a lot older than when I was 21! thanks. I did my research and this was the best price range for what you get. It’s a beast.
  6. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Yup with an improved battery. No electric only mode but better MPG and a bit more horsepower. That would be perfect for me and I would put my order in.
  7. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Yeah I agree. I would be fine with a little more HP from an 48v batter and the 4 cylinder. That would be good enough for me.
  8. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Yeah I have this problem in the garage getting out all the time when my wife is also parked in the garage, which is most of the time.
  9. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Makes total sense. But let me get their naturally too :)
  10. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Yeah I know there’s still a lot to be done with 4 cylinders. Just looking at the new C 63S of course I wouldn’t get it because it doesn’t have a V-8 but the power the four-cylinder by itself without the battery puts out is pretty amazing.
  11. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Yeah I believe 100% the 392 will be phased out within 3 years but probably 2 years. With that said, an improved four-cylinder with a mild hybrid set up is something I could see them doing… even though it’s not something I would want. I’m good with just an improved four-cylinder with no...
  12. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    True on the V8. I had the 392 and loved it. But the BMW is going to be my fast car and the jeep will stay my slow off-road vehicle. I just think the in-line six would be a nice balance between the two, but I’m fine with an improved four-cylinder.
  13. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Yes sir. It’s frosted gray metallic. When people do the frosted PPF it just doesn’t look the same as the factory paint. I’m seriously in love with a color too. Slightly more upkeep, but really as long as you buy the proper soap (nothing with polish or wax in it) it’s not too bad. Really I just...
  14. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Yeah makes sense. Maybe we’ll see a higher HP 4 banger. Some of the stuff Mercedes doing with a C 63 is pretty crazy. I would say by next summer if there’s nothing new, I will probably go with the four-cylinder and just build it out the way I want it. I love this M8 Comp, but I am itching for...
  15. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    Regular coupe. Preferred the look and no kids yet but love both :) carbon ceramic breaks too!
  16. I-6 Hurricane Possible Pricing

    I held off on replacing my totaled Jeep for a bit to give my wife some peace of mind. Replaced it with an M8 Competition, which now she has new concerns. Go figure :) I probably won’t get a new Jeep until they release the I-6, which could very well be another 2 years. I am hoping it’s not a...
  17. Brand Report Card - Ouch!

    Most fun? 630HP is a good time too. Just different kinds of fun.
  18. 2023 Rubicon 392 question

    I don’t have the 392 anymore. Totaled it. But thank you! Not a lot in life excites me but cars definitely make me happy.
  19. 2023 Rubicon 392 question

    I’ll probably order a 392 again or right before they officially announce its EOL. Already miss it. It was a special vehicle. Just get it now and stop thinking about it :) I will say, it was more fun than it was fast… no where near as fast as the M8 Competition I currently call my daily driver...
  20. California ARB Dual Compressor - Used Less than 10 Times

    Sorry everyone. This was not a complete listing don’t feel comfortable selling non complete.