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  1. Idaho 5 Rubicon wheels and tires

    Stock rims and BFG A/T 600 miles.... Perfect condition $1200 obo
  2. Wheel Falls off on Highway After Tire Rotation

    Glad no one was injured but I have to ask how long did u drive with an obvious hellacious vibration after knowing u just had the tires rotated?
  3. Email updates

    Unit delivered yesterday... pick it up this weekend Bravo
  4. Email updates

    [email protected] Dealer doesn’t have a specific delivery date according to my salesman... fca also sent me a $50 coupon for for a delay in delivery Bravo
  5. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Great info... still waiting on my diesel to deliver Bravo
  6. Where is the engine block heater cord?

    A block heater is in every engine... the $95 pays for the cord... I would start by looking at the block around where the freeze plugs would be for a covered connector Bravo
  7. Email updates

    Delivery between 30th- April 13th... supposedly on the rail somewhere...
  8. Email updates

    Received an email today saying my 3.0 Jeep is in the shipment phase... and that iris being bumped up to priority... This is the 3rd email from fca regarding the status of my Jeep... Anyone else receiving emails? bravo
  9. Test drive

    I ordered from Dennis Dillon... LHM wants 67k for the same Jeep I ordered 54.6k from DD... I think the one I test drive is the only diesel in the area right now so I wanted to drive it... very impressed with the diesel with the auto... I sold my 2018 JLU Rubi with the 3.6 6 speed... night and...
  10. Test drive

    Took a 3.0 for a spin today... loaded rubicon... awesome is an understatement... My Ruby is in D1... This rig is sting gray with cloth seats... loaded besides leather... LHM in Boise if anyone is interested Bravo
  11. 3.0 JLU Price quote

    I called and listed what I wanted and he gave me a price on the phone and followed with a pic of the build sheet via text... Sitting on the beach in Maui right now... I’ll order when I get back home... Bravo
  12. Best place to live?

    Don’t come to Idaho... it sucks... tell everyone you know Bravo
  13. 3.0 JLU Price quote

    Dennis Dillon in Caldwell... 4-5 mikes down the street...
  14. 3.0 JLU Price quote

    MSRP was a hair over $62k
  15. 3.0 JLU Price quote

    Doing the math from the chart I came up with $59116. Thanks for that link... so approx 10% off invoice with my military discount... guess I’ll order one when we get back from Maui
  16. 3.0 JLU Price quote

    Loaded minus wheels and smokers group... painted hard top... 3.0 $53675 sound like a good price? Bravo
  17. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    56k for a fully loaded rubi JLU 3.0 with color matched hardtop minus the rims and smokers group... does that sound like a good deal? Bravo
  18. Anyone leave their soft top on for cold seasons?

    Soft top year round here in Idaho...
  19. Best way to hold your phone ( besides your hand )...

    I went with 67 Designs... just an iPhone mount... works great Bravo
  20. Alien Sunshade Review

    Installed my two piece today... love it... took 20 mins after watching the install vid... piece of cake Bravo