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  1. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Forum won't let me attach file and I'm to lazy to change format. Really not to hard. Just remove taillight Slide reinforcement bracket over hinge bolts. Install washers and nuts.
  2. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    I will try and get one tonight. Fortunately I'm still working
  3. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Tub mounted after hinges. The gap at the hinges is pretty close to factory. The only reason I know is I Made note before and after since it had been mentioned in this thread .
  4. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Got mine installed Sunday. No left over hardware for me. I actually thought I was a camera bolt short, but my daughter found it loose in the box. I think the plate would seal to the paint on the tailgate, but I went with some 2 sided tape to protect the paint also. The directions could use some...
  5. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    The rear window won't open all the way. I believe the ace carrier with a similar rotopax mount has the same issue.
  6. Powder coat or spray paint steel bumper

    I don't know why people think powdercoat is the cats meow. Everything I have had that was powder coated chips and rust. I had one set of bumpers start rusting through the powder coat. They paid for me to have them redone locally. The powder coater told me if theses are for show then go for it...
  7. Fuel Filler Discriminator, Ecodiesel

    Trust me accidents happen. I have a fleet of diesel trucks and one of my guys did it. Only cost 8 grand. I have also heard of many other instances. All it takes is a couple teaspoons. I'm not trying to convince anyone not to do it. I'm just giving warning.
  8. Fuel Filler Discriminator, Ecodiesel

    Just an FYI. That is there to keep you from putting def in the diesel tank. Be careful if you remove it.
  9. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    The cxt and mxt are completely different trucks. The cxt is a medium duty truck with a pickup bed bolted on. The MXT is a military project that was supposed to replace the humvee. Oshkosh eventually won the contract and international started selling the mxt commercially.
  10. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    When I called I was told they are the same as the jk accessories. Just haven't been added to the jl page yet.
  11. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    If you look at the pics it clearly adjust in and out
  12. 3.0D What’s your hand calculated DIESEL mileage?

    I'm at 2500 miles now. I have stock steel bumpers with maximus 3 towloops and stinger bar. RSE StepSliders with armor. I am also running 35x12x17 Nitto RG no lift. The temps have been mid 30s to low 50s. Average Mpg hand calculated is 22.8. This Includes city, country 2 lane aprox 64 mph, and...
  13. Jeep Wave Oil Changes

    My dealer said the 4 services are included
  14. JL Rear Tire Carrier

    Any updates? I am ready to stimulate the economy.
  15. How to carry your deer

    Off road trailer
  16. How to carry your deer

    Just get a trailer. Then you can haul all sorts of shit.
  17. Diesel delete

    I dont think it's possible to run a diesel to "lean" My want a new occupation.
  18. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    I completely agree with what you are saying about the maximus 3 tow loops, and use that location myself for saftey chains. I was just stating that they didn't say this was the intended purpose. I also agree that the towbar is the most likely failure point, I believe that I also stated that. If...
  19. Start of 3.0 Production

    I would guess the payload is figured on the heaviest available config. As long as your gvwr is 6100 or less and your not over axle weights it dosent matter what the payload sticker is.
  20. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    I'm not trying to start a pissing match here, but I am also seeing a lack of facts. First I haven't seen where the second hole on the maximus is for saftey chains. I believe it is a recovery point for d rings. They have mentioned customers have used them for that purpose, they have also...