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  1. IIHS rollover test?

    Energy has to go somewhere. So choice here - all of the energy absorbed straight towards the driver through the vehicle, or part of that energy straight towards the driver and part used laying it on its side. I think I might take the latter. Kinda don’t care about the vehicular damage as...
  2. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    I pull an rpod 190 with a stock 3.6 manual jlur. I do use a weight distribution hitch and sway bar but I’ve had no problems here in the hills of WV.
  3. Think my drive side tie rod joint is off, took pictures

    Grab the tie rod, yank hard up and down side to side. No free play is allowed
  4. Gave myself death wobble!

    generally from my knowledge DW is caused by loose hardware ie warn out joints or possibly caster problems . However I can see how flexing parts can also cause it. Don’t forget it is a Jeep and they don’t drive/respond like any newer car or truck. when I hit bumps in the road it does tend to...
  5. Gave myself death wobble!

    If it’s not a problem and doesn’t come back I’d just run with it. Don’t know how far out your toe was maybe it was really out and that caused the problems
  6. Gave myself death wobble!

    I would agree with that, however if it is a continuous violent oscillation or turns into one, I would definitely look for something in the suspension/steering that’s loose or out of whack.
  7. Gave myself death wobble!

    Bump steer is completely different than death wobble. Death wobble is uncontrollable independent wheel oscillation caused by looseness or slop in ball joints, tie rods mounts etc...... you pretty much loose control. bump steer is only a jerk on the steering when a wheel is moved by hitting...
  8. Is my winch positioned correctly?

    I ran my cables underneath and put the control box on top center but backwards
  9. Steering Damper recall 2018

    But do not leave the dealer without verifying they put it on right side up. Lol
  10. West Virginia 5 Basically New 2020 JLUR Wheels and Tires

    If it falls through on me, I know a guy that’d take them off your hands. He’s in pinch.
  11. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    you might invest in a weight distribution hitch. It will level out your Jeep so you don’t have the front end pointed up problem. Makes towing a lot nicer and less worrisome. Plus at 380 tongue weight a WD will alleviate some of that by shifting the weight.
  12. Why are so many Tazers for sale?

    any programmer is quite a bit more than just a wrench. The manufacturer is assuming quite a bit of legal liability when selling that ‘tool’. A liability they must cover both for those who bought this tool and if following your thoughts, for those buddies who got free use of said tool. I can...
  13. Why are so many Tazers for sale?

    So someone should just give away their work for free because those who would never buy it anyway should be able to get it for free? I think I’ll disagree with that thought process.
  14. Metalcloak rock slider install

    yes , they hold up great and still look great.
  15. Winching question

    I generally have someone in the Jeep keeping the rpms up 1500-2000 this helps the alternator be more efficient and produce more. Like others have said stay in your duty cycle. Time on then time rest. This especially helps with the battery. Most car type batteries don’t do well with big amp...
  16. Hints for Rookies

    Creek crossings are your friend. A lot like having sex. Back and forth, back and forth. Lmao
  17. Crawl Ratio In Sport S Manual?

    The jl won’t really do that , however some have reported it will if you hit the starter within 10-20 seconds of a stall. Never could get my rubi to do it. Course I couldn’t stall 4l 1st gear anyway.
  18. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    how’d you like it? How’d your Jeep do?