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  1. Has anyone had their wheels stolen off their jeep lately? I'm debating getting wheel locks.

    As stated, I purchased the Mopar ones from the dealership. I'm sure they will fit the Willys edition. I put one on each wheel. Definitely not going to stop thieves, but it will deterrent some thieves.
  2. Rays TE37XT-MS

    Those look awesome! I'm a big fan of Volks. I'm hoping one day that they would make the traditional TE37 with the concave look for the Jeep.
  3. All rotopax mount options

    Do you have a link on where you got this?
  4. Element Fire Extinguisher location and mounting.

    I have mine placed in the back of the driver seat pocket.
  5. Metalcloak’s front diff skid sneak peek

    Can someone please confirm we are supposed to fill the front differential with 1 Liter of fluid as specified in the OEM specs and NOT to fill to the new fill plug till the fluid flows out as typical. The new fill plug on the differential cover appears to be higher than the OEM cover.
  6. Has anyone had their wheels stolen off their jeep lately? I'm debating getting wheel locks.

    You can get a 5 piece set from Mopar for under $60. $60 is a relatively cheap thief deterrent. No need to replace all the lug nuts unless you want it all matching. There's definitely more people stealing catalytic converters and gasoline within my area than wheels. Stealing wheels require much...
  7. Map Lights - Any good solutions?

    I've yet to see an clean install that doesn't involve cutting up the factory plastic and something beyond a stick on flashlight. I didn't buy a brand new Jeep just to stick on $1 LED lights or hack up my new interior.
  8. I wish I had a light above my rear view mirror

    I also find that your body cast a shadow with the light behind you which makes it impossible to see. I've yet to see any aftermarket interior lights.
  9. Metalcloak’s front diff skid sneak peek

    Why not make it recessed like you've done on the on the FAD skid plate? Id much rather sacrifice to add 3/8" or so to have the bolts recessed to prevent damage. I think most Jeeps owners has had their fair share of removing damaged bolt heads which is honestly a nightmare.
  10. Metalcloak’s front diff skid sneak peek

    Are you not concerned of mangling the lower bolt on a rock? It seems to me that you will need to remove the front skid plate to drain the differential oil. One good hit on a rock to the bolt would make it very hard to remove with a socket. I'd hate to drill out that lower bolt every time I go...
  11. Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper

    Just wondering if you have those pictures to share to install the Rubicon LED fog lights to the bumper.