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  1. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    My JLUR taught me how to pack smart and tight, if you needed a little more cargo space you can fold down one of the rear seats down. Also you could also add a roof rack, trailer his rack or even a small trailer
  2. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    For the passed year my commute has be like 7 miles each way, so its really short, the start stop feature stopped working, it always would say charging, I took a semi long road trip and now it works fine
  3. Jeep dogs in quarantine.

    Rubi is ready to go outside
  4. 'em

    My Rubi just turned 2 in March, a few days before my JL turned 2 too.
  5. Wait to buy, or buy before inventory is picked through?

    I'd say be super patient, find JL's you like, only settle for a super good deal if not walk out and try again else where. Dealers are going to be hurting to sell vehicles. The ball is in our court now
  6. Way to kill the Jeep look..

    It's like a grill on a tesla lol
  7. California Mopar tailgate table

    I'm interested. where are you located? I'm in Corona.
  8. Never thought I’d be a snorkel guy

    Where'd you get it from? I'm assuming since you say it takes 30 min to install it should be pretty easy. Please post up more pics.
  9. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    My jeep started do this as well...
  10. Smittybilt JL HD Pivot Tire Carrier (7743) - Install / Review / Comments

    Tow strap I bought at the same time as the carrier
  11. Not trail rated!

    Body on frame problems
  12. Best tire carrier for under $650?

    After I saw that thread I purchased it.
  13. Lose != Loose

    Clam your tits, your loosing it bro!
  14. Best tire carrier for under $650?

    I ended buying a smittybilt tire carrier for about $550 Heres a video of it
  15. Best tire carrier for under $650?

    Its $850 for the whole kit, then I still have to have it powdered coated. Do you have to drill in the body to installed it?
  16. Smittybilt JL HD Pivot Tire Carrier (7743) - Install / Review / Comments

    I bought the tire carrier! Cant wait to install it. Thank you
  17. Smittybilt JL HD Pivot Tire Carrier (7743) - Install / Review / Comments

    Okay thank you. Also you dont need the HD "Tire Carrier Wire Harness Extension" ? I see its $599 at 4wp. Thanks again