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  1. Only California Dealer worth working with!

    The sales experience may be alright, but their service department is a joke! I had 2 experiences so bad, I will NEVER set foot in that dealership again.
  2. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I think the shorter answer should be to ask ... who doesn't?
  3. Looking for some good Jeep Custom/Build shops in Arizona, CA, CO

    CA has a few in the Orange County Area Outlaw Offroad Full Tilt Offroad Jeeps-R-Us Blackstar Offroad and as stated .. Rebel Offroad
  4. Free Money... But For What????

    Don't waste your time ... that place is no good ... just mail me that card and I'll make the best of it :)
  5. AVS Bug Shield Deals?

    This one is only a hood protector, not a bug deflector.
  6. AVS Bug Shield Deals?

    Don't know if its a deal or not, but I found these:
  7. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!


    4 months new, only has slight marking from bolts. $100 LOCAL PICKUP (south OC) or you pay to ship, it's in a warn box: 36" x 16" x 9" @ 14 pounds, shipping from 92694
  9. California FS: MOAB WHEELS no tires, no TPMS

    I have a set of (5) MOAB wheel take offs with approximately 380 miles on them. Local Orange County CA Pickup only. $500
  10. California ARB Zero Fridge Freezer Dual Zone 73QT

    No it does not. The seat would either need to be down, or unlocked and positioned perpendicular with the floor.
  11. California ARB Zero Fridge Freezer Dual Zone 73QT

    Brand New, Unopened Box - ARB Zero Fridge Freezer Dual Zone 73QT $1300 / OBO
  12. Early Onset Death Wobble Help

    Would it make any sense getting the wobble after having the rear axle removed then reinstalled and having an alignment ?
  13. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    I need some rear bumper love ...
  14. PSI for those running BFG KM3 37 x12.5 x 17 ?

    Unfortunately, or Fortunately . . . . . the KM3's characteristics are nothing like any prior MT's. They were conceived with a different design intent.
  15. Rough country tailgate reinforcement

    I Implore you to do more research, you may find this to be nothing more than a "Glam" piece.
  16. Tailgate table light

    Nice find!
  17. PSI for those running BFG KM3 37 x12.5 x 17 ?

    I cannot give you that answer, however I can supply you information about the KM3 35x12.5x17, I run them happily at 32.
  18. Connecting Spot Beam Harness to Aux Switch

    Yeah, what he said ... :)
  19. Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD VS Smittybilt Pivot

    I like the look! I don't like that it's bare, or the $110 shipping fee :(