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  1. Goal Zero Yeti

    check out Jackery's products
  2. Rancho RS9000XL vs. Fox vs. Lifts

    Here's another fantastic graph for shock selection in addition to AnnDee's. Helped me decide on Fox 3.5-4.5'' shocks for my upcoming 2.5'' lift springs.
  3. Gorilla Glass windshield replacement

    I heard it was available now. I never got mine repaired because I knew it was coming. Figured I would wait until winter temps completely destroyed it. Good to hear!!!
  4. Wheel Spacers for JL

    Spidertrax and synergy are generally regarded as quality (aluminum) spacers (hub centric) I purchased some and they've been sitting uninstalled. I've tossed around wheel options and haven't installed them yet. I know many running hub centric al spacers from the manufacturers listed, a lot of...
  5. Wheel Spacers for JL

    You have a Willy's which is basically a Sport suspension(?) Try this.. let me know if it works.. I have some synergy spacers (1.75) in the garage and was planning to install them this week. Updated Fuse Technique Some have reported this fixed a few different steering issues such as the dead...
  6. Jackstands on front or level ground for oil change 3.6L?

    If you want to do your own maintenance, get some (four) SOLID jack stands, like 4 ton's and a couple floor jacks for getting you onto the jackstands.. forget about ramps.
  7. So which aftermarket part improved steering the most to you ?

    Up until this new steering box TSB, a Fox ATS 16 way adjustable on 14 stiffness steering stabilizer, beefier front track bar (and rear track bar, which actually helped steering due to better rear tracking) and adjustable front lower control arms. The adjustable front lower control arms were a...
  8. Locker issue

    so physically sealing the sensor internals with silicone.. wow... Just hardwiring the lockers would be a simpler route... or the zauto harness. If it wasn't for zauto's tazer JL my lockers would already be hardwired like the trucks.
  9. What synthetic oil to use in Rubi transfer case?

    These are the only two I use in my vehicles...running amsoil sig in both transfer case and trans now but planning to swap to redline C+ (meets mopar specs) at next change.
  10. Locker issue

    Have you done any water crossings? changed your diff fluids since new?
  11. RANT - Over Jeep, their Dealers and FIAT

    I have an auto in the truck, and after spending $6000 on a rebuild (with 100k warranty and upgrade sonnax and billet valve body) I don't think I'll own another FCA auto trans anything. The manual isn't perfect (clutches overheating etc) but I'll take the 6 speed manual. I've seen these on...
  12. Track bar braces

    I'm starting to really like Rusty's Offroad offerings. Good parts at great prices.
  13. Jackstands on front or level ground for oil change 3.6L?

    The great thing about trucks and jeeps is that you don't need jack stands. Cars are a pita.
  14. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    You could try running something like this in a tank
  15. aFe Power Dry S Performance Filter - Drop in

    The afe proguard 7 is an outstanding filter. These are outer/inner pics after 10k miles (low miles actually) in a super dry, high dust climate, and the inner intake was white glove clean. it's getting cleaned and reoiled.
  16. 6-Speed JLUR with 35s vs 37s (no re-gear)

    Those are the minuses.. also having to carry a really large/heavy spare, changing a really heavy spare, paying for one, mounting one, balancing one (larger tires are more difficult to balance and keep balanced). Not to mention the gearing.
  17. Largest tires I can put on my stock Rubicon wheels?

    Good lord this was put to bed years ago
  18. GenRight Fender Delete

    Anyone have pics of the genright fender delete kit and which (less $$ than genright) inner liners work well with it?
  19. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Great.. I may try a different one. Taking mine in next week.