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  1. Over the air update issue

    sounds like the theme may have changed? there are different themes you can choose in the settings...
  2. How critical is the rotor retaining screw

    I know what I'll be checking next time I rotate...
  3. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    6000 posts. 3 model years. and I guess we're all still crazy.
  4. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    when you guys post the dictionary, don't forget to include a footnote explaining that loose has two o's and wondering is what confused people do, not Jeep's with poor steering.
  5. itty bitty tiny text

    it only gets worse with time ◕︵◕
  6. itty bitty tiny text

    perhaps it's something with my version of Android and/or Chrome browser, but I have the text size maxed out in chrome (and on my device), and I think you can see the difference below between this site and CNN. am I really the only one?
  7. itty bitty tiny text

    all I was wondering is if it would be possible to add a text size *option*. we're not all gifted with good vision :-)
  8. Pine Barrens, NJ

    ok, thanks for the clarification! I'm always very courteous when I see anyone on foot... I stop until there is room to pass, always wave, say hi, etc.. most people are cool and enjoying the outdoors, but every now and then I'll get that look like I don't belong. that's when it's most...
  9. itty bitty tiny text

    I know you guys are busy getting the new software up and running, but just wanted to mention that the text in the posts is very small. I have the font size on my device set to largest and the font size in my browser set to +150% but text is still small. old software was easily readable with...
  10. Pine Barrens, NJ

    what's a greenie weird-beard? I mean, I assume that's an eco-terrorist that thinks they are the only ones who belong in the forest? and they wander around in there and look for offenders? I've spent a lot of time in there over the past year and never noticed anyone like that. I do...
  11. Pine Barrens, NJ

    word of warning... don't drive through the water holes / puddles on the trails unless your are familiar with the bottom or check depth first. some folks like to go in the water with monster tires and spin their wheels levaing two deep tire ruts behind. which you can't see through the muddy...
  12. ESS battery dead

    this topic has popped up a lot in the forums over the past few years. some folks seem to think the proximity option may contribute to faster battery draining. I don't know if that is true or not, but I do know that the owners manual for my Audi (also equipped with proximity locks) explicitly...
  13. The Important of Painted Fender Flares on Stock Jeep

    hey, what size good year Wrangler tires are you running on those 18" Sahara upgrade wheels? and what load range? they look good. I didn't know they came w/o white letters.
  14. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    are these measurements for the side or rear window? and for the tab on the side or the bottom of the window? thanks
  15. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    someone needs to measure the width and thickness of the new green tabs so we can compare with the older ones...
  16. Apparently a New TSB came out today for Loose Steering

    did you read the big steering thread? there are still 2020s coming off the line with problems. it's impossible to know what percentage of units are impacted, but it does appear to be less than recent years. definitely test drive to be sure, sounds like you know exactly what to look for...
  17. Top/Doors Off Corona Question

    you might want to pursue getting an anti-body test in the coming weeks if it is available in your area, if it shows you already had the virus you will be able to carry on with confidence
  18. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I was just about to post this... wonder if the reviewer received a hand picked demo, if he just got lucky, or if Jeep actually made noticeable improvements (software or power steering pump, I believe the most recent stearing gear is still AE).
  19. Quadratec Stealth light bar review?

    I have been thinking about picking one of these up too, would also like to hear some feedback...
  20. Rausch Creek 101 - 03/14/2020

    absolutely nothing wrong being in a Jeep with folks you already live with, it's interacting with the staff to check in, getting help if you get stuck, buying gas and food afterwards... all the incidental chances for transmission. In NJ, it's a disordly persons offense to leave the house for...